Not all of us can afford the cost and time of summer vacations to the beach, especially if you live in a region that isn't anywhere near the coast. The good news is that just about everyone has access to a swimming pool or some other public body of water, and this can prove to be an excellent way for your family to make new memories, stay in shape and beat the heat all summer long.

There are plenty of advantages to swimming for everyone, from infants to the elderly, and it's also very affordable with either summer-long passes or totally free in lakes and oceans. Here are a few reasons why swimming is a great activity for everyone in the family.

Baby Swimming Benefits

Have you ever seen videos taped in an infant mommy and me class? Infants under a year will be placed underwater and miraculously begin to kick their legs and hold their breath without any signs of struggle or unsettlement. This is caused by a human diving reflex that almost all of the population is born with. Babies naturally hold their breath when submerged underwater to protect their airways, an innate defense mechanism that's been inhabited by mankind for centuries and can serve as an excellent reason to introduce your child to the water at an early age.

While babies may not be ready to compete in the high-dive anytime soon, infant swimming classes are fun for both you and your baby and can lay the foundation for a future of swim lessons that could very well save their lives someday. However, be aware of the risks of drowning and understand that you are taking responsibility if you decide to proceed with water play with infants.

Toddlers and Children Swimming Lessons

It's incredibly important that children learn about water safety early on. Babies as young as 6 months can start learning how to swim (but remember, this is entirely up to your own discretion and your own responsibility). While you should never leave any child unattended in or around a body of water, the summer still provides an excellent opportunity to start teaching them the right practices that can develop over time.

There are various water games, lessons and activities that are designed specifically for each age group to ensure that they gain the proper skills they need to survive in the water while simultaneously having a ball. Many local pools and swim centers offer age-tailored swimming lessons for children of all swim levels, including baby swim lessons at certain locations, teaching them life-saving habits and water safety essentials. Swimming lessons are also a great way for children to make new friends over the summer.

Adult and Elderly Swimming Benefits

Apart from providing a nice change of pace from the treadmill, swimming is much easier on the joints and an excellent form of exercise for adults and senior citizens. No other aerobic activity offers you the chance to get a full workout without placing strain on your skeletal system.

When submerged up to the waist, your body only bears 50 percent of its weight. At the chest, that number is reduced to 25 to 35 percent. With water up to your neck, your body only bears 10 percent of your weight. The rest is all handled by the gentle, lapping waves of the water.

Elderly people who suffer from arthritis can partake in swimming classes or just do solo laps for an exercise that stretches and strengthens their muscles while alleviating the harsh strain on their joints.

Adults who swim laps regularly can burn up to 590 calories an hour! That's much more effective than just power walking in the heat or pacing on a treadmill.

Family Swimming and Summer Memories

Many people will often recall summertime as the most memorable, blissful parts of their childhood. While mom and dad may not get two months of a summer break, planning designated activities like swimming together will not only give everyone something to look forward to during the week but also serve as the perfect backdrop for some of your children's' most cherished summer moments. Getting to teach them about water safety and swim techniques that they will be able to carry with them for life is a pretty nice perk too.

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