Building your music career through trial-and-error causes you to waste time on things that don’t matter and make poor decisions that prevent you from achieving your musical goals.

When you mostly guess about what is best for building you music career, you end up believing in conventional wisdom/myths about how the music business works. This is what causes most musicians to waste tons of time, money and effort. It also makes you more likely to give up before you ever figure out the right way to build your career.

Here are just a few examples of how following false conventional wisdom holds you back in your music career:

You Have To Get A Degree As Part Of A Backup Plan

It’s common for your friends, family or any amateur musicians you know to encourage you as you pursue a career in music. Unfortunately, these people often (unintentionally) give very bad advice that damages your potential for success. This includes telling you to get a degree “in case music doesn’t work out”. This advice sets up your mindset for failure. If you take it, it also causes you to waste tons of time and money getting a degree for something that takes you further away from your musical goals.

You Have To Move To A Major Music City

It’s a common myth that you must live in a big music city in order to make it in this industry. Reality: musicians are achieving massively successful careers from all around the world regardless of their location. This is especially true today where musicians can collaborate with each other without leaving their homes. Music career success has more to do with your dedication to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Doing this puts you in position to get opportunities in the music business.

You Have To Be Young To Become Successful In Music

Music companies care about whether you can add value to help them make money or not. No matter how old you are, you can learn to do this. This means anyone can become successful in the music industry regardless of their age.

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Tom Hess is a recording artist, music career mentor and virtuoso guitar player. He trains and mentors musicians of all different experience levels on how to develop a successful career in music. Visit his musician website to get free music career building tools and read professional music business columns.