“Why You Should Know “Subliminal-Smiling” & “Deconstruction” of The Elements of Speed Reading 3x.”
• 1. “If you’re such a ‘smart-ass’, teach me how to get more tips in my Summer job,” asked my son’s girlfriend.

• 2. “You don’t want to know the physical actions, just “how-to”. Answer: it’s called “Subliminal-Smiling”.

• 3. “I already know how to smile, that cannot work.”

• 4. “When people catch you smiling, as a part of your personality, they figure it’s “phony”, and go negative.
Subliminal-Smiling is a ‘millisecond’, and seen out of the
side of your eye, without it registering consciously.”

• 5. “There are two-elements to “subliminal-smiling”. One,
Your eyes have to crinkle, make “crows’ feet at the sides.
Second, is simultaneously flash your teeth.”

• 6. “You’re saying, ‘don’t let folks catch you smiling at them, they know it’s phony. Let your “subliminal” smile sneak up on them. Result, they “like” you, but don’t know why.”

• 7. “Brainiacs want to know more. Three muscles:
a) Orbicularis oculi (sides of eyes) is intentionally squinting for a half-a-second, making crows’ feet.
• b) Zygomaticus Major: intentionally raises the sides of your face when you smile & show your pearly-whites.
• c) Risorius the laughing muscle. It raises you lips when you intentionally smile.

• 8. “This is not hot air, but serious research by Professor
Winkelman, USC, at San Diego. It has been researched & the results replicated for ten-years. It’s a secret used by lawyers in negotiation, celebrities, and people in the service industries. Remember the word, “subliminally”
means below the level of consciousness.”

• 9. “They like you, and want to help you, but don’t know why. It’s rapport without physical interaction. The technical term, is “Priming-The-Pump”. It affects
behavior”, but not the Emotions. Get it?”

• 10.”Anything else, ‘Pops’. For Brainiacs only: “Deconstruction” also called, “reengineering”. You work your way through the steps, “backwards”. You can teach yourself skills and all knowledge. It works with Speed Reading for school and your career.

• You own a “unique competitive advantage”. You win promotions because you’re “smarter” than your competitors. We’ll save Deconstruction for another time.”

• 12. “Thanks ‘Pops’, I’m going to use it today.”

• See ya,

“Tap-in, Turn-on, Tune-in”, and you live the life you only
dream about. Eight-words to internalize:
“Why is everything always working out for me?” Turn this into you personal Mantra, and you win the game of live.
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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