Why You May Want to Change Your Mind (Attitude) About Subliminal Affirmations

After three-years of research, we confirm that listening to subliminal (below the level
of human awareness) CDs changes your mind to winning, abundance, and money-
consciousness. It enhances speed reading too.

It is one of the best kept secrets in psychology and consumer advertising.

Quick example: When two major department stores, one in the eastern U.S. and the
other in Toronto, Canada discovered shoplifters were stealing half the store, and
their own employers were making off with the remainder, they went to store music
containing subliminal affirmations.

“I take a great deal of pride in being honest. I will not steal. I am honest.”

This affirmation was played 24/7 over the store sound system in the form of music.
No one could hear the words, only the soft, light music. The results showed up within
one-week, and within 30-days, shop-lifts losses had crashed 80%, along with employee

Another Example

Playing subliminal affirmations in a Utah prison for juveniles was so successful in reducing
aggression among inmates, it is now a standard strategy in rehabilitation. Recidivists – the
fact that up to 75% of inmates return to jail for a new crime within eighteen-months – had
been reduced about 50%.

The freed inmates were given audios (CDs) to play for one-hour daily at home or work.
The subliminal stimulation to behave well and act honestly produced tangible results.
Recidivism was reduced up to 50% when the program was adhered to.

So how come you never heard of this stuff?

Humans in general, and Americans in particular, do not trust or believe in the subconscious.
We believe in our conscious mind, Will-Power, and personal responsibility. Americans
(over 90%) are deathly afraid of “brainwashing”, “hypnosis” and “Shrinks”.

Subliminal programming of our minds (behavior modification) sounds like science-fiction,
sneaky, and too much like the old USSR and Nazi Germany.

It is being quietly used by governmental institutions internationally, and by advertising agencies
to produce huge consumer sales. The best of these CDs, the most effective are the brainchild
of a company in the state of Washington, owned by Eldon Taylor, a serious psychologist.

Google: www. innertalk.com

So What

If you listen to these audible affirmations for 60-minutes daily for 21 days, you create a
habit that goes on auto-pilot. We are not salespeople for these CDs, but they produce
super results in improving health, healing, and relationships.

They do not produce abundance or cash money, but listening creates a new mind-set
that attracts the right people, ideas and money into your life. You will discover you
have a new-found sense of Money-Consciousness, the Midas-Touch, and what we
call a “money-magnet”.

Check out the Laws of Repetition and Association. It’s what drives your subconscious
mind, and the effectiveness of these Subliminal Audios.

Again, listening does not make you lucky in the casinos, but it does sharpen your
attention, memory and ability to learn from experience. Our experience using it is
gamblers win more jackpots. Scientific research has validated all of the above.

What Kind of Subliminal Affirmations

1. I believe I have the right to be prosperous, abundant and successful.

2. I know when to Hold’em, when to Fold’em, and when to Raise.

3. Winning is part of my nature and comes easily to me.

4. Lucky is another name for knowledge and good sense.

5. “Mommy and I are One.”

6. My success in life is continuous.

7. It feels good to be a consistent winner in life.

8. “I am a “money-player” and every day in every way,
I’m getting better and better.”

9. I forgive myself. I forgive all others. I am forgiven.

10. I have the Midas-Touch in life.

11. I expect daily success and prosperity, and I get it.

12. I mentally visualize myself consistently ‘Winning’, and I do.


What does this have to do with Speed Reading 101.org

Speed reading is the single most valuable tool for students and
Executives. It produces raises and promotions, and reduces
the occurrence of dementia and Alzheimer’s up to 40%.

If you are a life-long-learner you need speed reading skills, and
a strategy for improving your long-term memory.

Listening to subliminal affirmations MASKED by pleasant music
or nature sounds like the ocean-waves, improves speed learning skills,
long-term memory, and money-consciousness.

Remember, you are going to live into your nineties, so prepare your
Left and Right Hemispheres for a healthy, long-life of learning.

Speed Reading and Subliminal Affirmations are scientifically valid,
use them for your good, extended life.

See ya,

Copyright © 2011, H. Bernard Wechsler

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