“Why StressBusting Can Reduce Your Anxiety & Help Ace Your Career.”
• 1. “But is this meditation stuff “practical” or just hot-air?”

• 2. “Let’s keep it simple, unless you’re a “Brainiac” & have to know where the “feet-grow-from”. Go to: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, lead author, Fadel Zeidan. Read it
At Journal, Social Cognition & Affective Neuroscience.”

• 3. “Summarize it please.”

• 4. “This is the first Proof that a short relaxing meditation can activate your brain to reduce stress & anxiety. How much? Up to 39%, and that has serious positive consequences.”

• 5. “But Dr. Franklin, what USE is it?”

• 6. “Answer: when you are relaxed and feel good, your Brain functions better. Example, you can ACE exams, win promotions, negotiate better, and produce ‘presentations’ that win people over.”

• 7. “How long does it take, and can you prove it?”

• 8. “About five-minutes before the event.
For Brainiacs: your Anterior Cingulate Cortex (brain) manages thinking & emotion.

• 9. Fear-anxiety-worry activate it. Meditation, focusing on your breath, with your eyes closed for 5-minutes, inhibits it running wild. Use diaphragmatic breathing & your “ventro-medial-prefrontal cortex” does NOT turn on worry.”

• 10. “Great, but how do I do it?”

• 11. “Step one: sit down, close your eyes and take a “diaphragmatic breath”. Exhale and chant the sound,
“Hum-m, hum-m, hum-m, hum-m (4-times).

• 12. Do three-more deep breaths with four HUM-Ms each, a total of 16. Takes 90-seconds. Step two: please Intentionally keep a wide smile (teeth & eyes) on your face for the first 2-minutes.”

• 13. Step three: create a mental-movie (daydream) something relaxing and fun. Example: a walk on a sunny day in the park. Hear the sounds, smell the flowers & grass. A “day-at-the-beach” works. Just create “images”.

• 14. Step four: repeat with Emotion this eight-word sentence for 60-seconds total. Ready:
“Why-is-everything-always working out for ME?”

• 14. “Secret: repeat eight-times, but change the emphasis to the next word, for each rep.”

• 15. “That’s it?”

• 16. “If you spend 5-minutes Priming your brain with these four-steps, and you know-your-stuff, you will win the games of Acing exams, winning promotions, and having others be convinced of your suggestions. Got it?”

• Endwords: “Tap-in, Turn-on-&-Tune-in”, to your Brain, and you accelerate your Attention your Motivation.
It works in school, (from grade to graduate), and at Work,
Because it gives you a “Unique-Competitive-Advantage”.

See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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