Flutter is a modern platform in the tech world that is driving revolution in the growing world of business. The Google-supported platform has everything that will back you up with the best tools to make incredible mobile applications. Based on Dart, the in-house Google Programming Language, Flutter comes with a lot of features that have never been seen before in a cross-platform ecosystem. It provides a strong framework for mobile app development. So it has the ability to act as the perfect choice to develop good and powerful applications. As we all know, the tech world is moving ahead and is not limited to just two operating systems, it needs more platforms to be served. The cross-platform abilities of new technologies made it possible for applications to serve multiple platforms with a single development phase. Flutter has key advantages that pull in entrepreneurs as app developers to choose this structure. Before proceeding towards the reasons to choose flutter for mobile app starters, let us see advantages of Flutter.

Advantages Of Flutter-
Open-source- Dart and Flutter, both are open source and free to use. It provides extensive documentation and community support to help with any issues that may arise.
Fast And Simple Development- One of the most important features of Flutter is hot reload that lets you to immediately view the changes made in code on emulators, simulators and hardware. Within a second, modified code is reloaded when the app is running without need of restart. It is great for building UIs, adding features and bug fixing. Also flutter claims that it is so easy that no prior programming knowledge is required for development. Having an experience with object-oriented language is helpful but non programmers can made flutter apps.
Great Performance- Dart compiles into native code and there is no requirement to access OEM widgets because Flutter has its own. Means less mediated communication between app and platform. Flutter is the only mobile SDK which provides reactive views without need of a JavaScript bridge. All this helps at fast app startup times and less performance issues.
High Productivity- As Flutter is cross-platform, one can use the same code base for ios and android apps. This saves your valuable time and resources.
Compatibility- As widgets are part of the app and not the platform, you’ll experience less or no compatibility issues on various OS versions. Means need to spend less time on testing.
Why Startups Should Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development?

1. Developer’s Productivity Increases By 10 Times-
Regardless of whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur, we all majorly concerned about money. Also, in application development, time is money. The higher the time your application development will take, the more costlier it will be. If startups choose Flutter for mobile apps development, they will save a lot of time and money. Why?

Flutter is developed with stateful “Hot Reload” feature which enables developers to make rapid changes in the backend and eliminates the need of recompilation which lowers the mobile app development time. With this feature, developers can make changes in real-time.

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2. Powerful Design Experience-
The reason behind great user experience is a good partnership between material design and Flutter. It gives a smooth and zero learning curve experience that users expect from native apps. Flutter has customized widgets for Android and iOS, which helps to get a feel of native app. There is a wide variety of widgets available and you can choose as per your requirement.

3. Overcomes The Limitations Of Taking The Cross-platform Route-
Mobile app developers wanted to develop a genuinely bespoke cross-platform product that is generally restricted to native application development. With popular tools like react native and ionic, there is a big difference in user experience of native and cross platform apps. And is a complete disappointment for these popular frameworks.

But flutter is different from this. With the use of native UI elements of both Android and iOS, flutter app development carries something that community has been waiting for- a true code approach that creates powerful native experience.

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4. Integration With Google’s Firebase-

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