The rise of the subscription-based economy has shaken the foundation of traditional marketing with practical success strategies that accrue long-term revenues. The last five years saw a surge in travel loyalty clubs particularly with subscription-based businesses growing by more than 100% every year. (Source) The research statistics confirm that the loyalty market is projected to grow from $1.68 billion in 2017 to $4.59 billion by 2021. (Source) This implies that travel club membership programs are one of the easiest ways to create value for your customers and boost your business’ revenue.

Whether you are a small business owner or an established one, the travel club comes armed with a plethora of modern features to drive engagement and significantly boost profits for your existing venture. Let us see how travel club helps to create a sought-after and profitable membership program for your customers to drive extra value without additional costs and complexity –

• Travel club offers highly targeted and influential rewards

When you start a business, the main concern is to attract customers and as your business picks up pace, you focus on retaining those customers. Travel club offers highly personalized rewards to keep those customers engaged. Your business can capitalize on the dynamic travel marketplace with an end goal – to drive sales. The influential rewards are designed to encourage existing customers to return with continued patronage. This can significantly boost overall revenue and profits.

• Offers exclusive loyalty benefits to drive more sales

Travel club offers member-only benefits to mindfully engage customers and influence their purchase behavior. Loyalty benefits such as loyalty points, add-on services, complimentary rewards, discounted services and access to exclusive events help in creating more value for your customers. When you care for your customers, the loyalty bond is strengthened which positively impacts the revenue. This enhanced the Loyalty Effect which means that building loyalty with just 5% of your customers will lead to an overall increase in profitability of 25 to 100% per customer.


• Automated marketing means more ROI

Travel clubs comes fully equipped with modern features and technological tools that can certainly increase your profits if you hit the sweet spot. Automated marketing via email or text is one of the easiest ways to further influence customer behavior. Personalized recommendations that are tailored to past purchases will capture customer interest and translate to sales with just one click. Automated email campaigns targeted at individual customers after behavioral data analysis are reported to deliver the highest ROI in the digital marketing realm.
Travel club API equipped with features such as ease of navigation, product recommendations, and a seamless checkout process will encourage customers to buy from you over your competitors.

• Enhanced customer experience using data analysis

The biggest advantage of having a travel club is to capture customer information and data to market them effectively and increase revenues. The valuable information about customer purchase behavior and preferences will help you predict and anticipate their needs. This will also help you determine whether your business can meet customer expectations or not and align them accordingly via different travel solutions.

• Create value and long-term loyalty with superior customer assistance

Travel club platforms will drive more traffic to your website, encourage existing customers to shop more and drive long-term loyalty in the process. Engaging with your customers via a travel club will mean faster traction and more loyal customers. This implies that the focus should be on maximizing the customer experience not just with the product but overall service quality as well. Superior customer service is what makes all the difference. Travel club platform delivers high quality of customer support by analyzing and collecting real-time feedback to deliver quick solutions and improved proposition. Satisfied customers will often recommend your business to others which is an excellent word-of-mouth advertising opportunity to help boost revenue.

A good travel club platform is hence too good of a deal to pass up.

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He earned an MBA from USC, and later that year, he founded TripStreak, a travel technology company, allowing him to combine his experience with his lifelong passion for travel. Charles’ experience with TripStreak has already earned him accolades from the industry, including an invitation to Phocuswright’s Class of 35.