You might be asking, why use HEPA air cleaners? Do they really work? Which one works the best?

There is a lot of talk about all of us needing to breathe cleaner air and the fact there are lots of pollutants in and around the home. Hopefully this article will address a few important points regarding air quality and help you and your family breathe cleaner air.

Basically air purifiers or cleaners are systems that should clean the indoor air that you breathe. There are so many different brands and types in the market today. Some are more powerful than others and can be used commercially, while others are great for home use or single-room use. Many use HEPA filters in combination with activated carbon while other uses ionization and UV.

Air cleaners work much like the filtration system on you AC. Every time you turn it on, it begins to cycle the air through its various filters. It should capture small air-borne particles and trap odors. As it filters the air, it recycles the now clean air, back into the room you are using it in, providing better quality air.

Air cleaners are great for people who suffer from or have sensitivity to chemicals or allergies. A good air cleaner will remove most if not all airborne allergens like dust, pollen mold spores and pet dander. They are also good for reducing odors such as pet urine, cigarette smoke and tobacco.

You might not realize it, but the air you breathe can have a direct impact on your health, especially children and the elderly.

Now you can purchase several smaller units to place around the house or you can place a larger unit in the main room of the house. I recommend placing one in the bedroom since that is where you spend most of your time. This is especially important for children and infants.

Each system is different, but most have filters that will need to be cleaned or replaced regularly. Consider the cost of the replacement filters before you make your purchase, as some filters can be very expensive to replace. Usually every three to six months is what the manufacturer recommends for replacing the filters. There are several on the market that do have filters that will last up to 5 years.

If you buy one of the cheap ones be aware of this. Most of them will change their filter configuration or design often just to make you buy a new one in a few years because you can no longer get replacement filters...

Some units are whole-house units that require being installed by a professional. These can be very costly, but a great thing to have for allergy sufferers. For the average person who just wants to improve their air quality, a portable unit can do just what they are looking for it to do.

Many people that use air cleaners have reported fewer allergy symptoms, better sleeping at night, and just a better sense of well being all around. If you have ever suffered from dry, itchy eyes, or chronic sore throats, there is a possibility that your air quality might need to be improved.

Many health care professionals and people in the field of studying allergies understand the importance of clean air. The benefits of cleaner air can be realized almost immediately when you start to use an air purifier.

People that do not suffer from allergies may never ask the question, why use bother with air cleaners. But, if you have ever tried an air cleaning system, then chances are you understand how much these cleaners can improve your air quality. Breathing cleaner air can is a good thing and your lungs will thank you for it.

Author's Bio: 

Mike Krause owns the Allergy Store in Davie Florida with his wife Cheryl. They have been helping people improve the quality of their lives by improving their indoor environment. One of the products they believe can have a very positive impact on you life is a HEPA air cleaner. Having clean air is always a good thing.