Every social media users know people who share too much about their lives on their wall. Social media has provided all of us a platform to share our views, express our feelings and talk about social issues collectively or individually. Everyone is utilizing this space for their own interests. The likes and comments on the posts and the responses of their public comfort them. The considerable thing is why some people always upload and share sad images regularly.

They are Lonely
Social media posts are all about the possessions. Where people share images of cars, beautiful locations, handbags and other endless accessories from their life, some people also share images with a person sitting alone, crying, in pain or picture that depict emotional aches. Those lonesome are active most of the time on social media and respond to all the reactions the get on the posts. They express their loneliness and urge to have friends and happiness in their lives. They want to talk to people and share why their heart is broken.

They relate with the sad images
They feel that the depressing situations they are going through is just right to show with a specific picture like a man sitting alone at the bench, the lonely railway track, empty swings, crying in rain, hurting oneself and just being sad. They relate with the images and consider the person in the image as himself. They are trying to communicate that they are going through hard times with the help of photos. They love reading sad quotes and poetry and also write them on the images.
Feeling Noticed

They try to adjust in social life through their expressions and also want other people’s attention. Sometime they do not share what has happened to their lives but trying to generalize their inner thoughts and feelings. It is like receiving virtual sympathy. People’s activities on social media and posting sad images are just to get noticed and asked by the community to disclose their sentiments. It is easier to initiate the communication with others.

Sympathetic and Encouraging Comments
Everyone show concern towards sad images. Society and target public show their sympathies on those pictures. Sometimes the person who is already depressed, get some motivating and encouraging comments that relieve or reduce their pain. Sharing sad images is just the way of trying to be relaxed in life.

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