Most of the people suffer from brittle nails which are led by a variety of causes. One must remember that such problems should never be associated with any category of medical circumstances & these cannot be correlated with any side-effects that are indicated after any diseases or intake of medicinal devices. This is referred to as a common condition that can occur to people of all the ages & this has affected about 20% of the population, wherein both males & females are included. It happens that the nails literally break or initiate peeling off in small layers in horizontal direction.

• Symptoms:

1. The process of peeling which initiates at the tip of the nails.

2. Breaking without any effort.

3. Inappropriate growth of the nails.

• Causes:

The severity of this disorder differs from person to person. But the fundamental agent that leads to such cause can be aging as this basically leads to its gradual development, dull & brittle posture, loss of glitter due to the inappropriate flow of the moisture & certain essential oils that rest on the nail bed. Immense heat, use of strong detergents that create a negative impact, nail-paint remover etc all these concepts summate the brittleness of the nails. Also on the contrary, excessively moisturizing, lotion application & leaving your hand in contact with water for a long time leads to peeling & its tenderness.

• Treatment:

In order to avoid such happenings or even to provide treatment to cure such brittleness, it is essential to incorporate a well balanced diet that leads to the supply of the essential nutrients. The nourishing agents should incorporate adequate amount of calcium as this leads to an effective role in proper maintenance of the nails & rejuvenate its glory. People experiencing such things should avoid the consumption of junk & processed foods as they lead to enhancement of such factors.

During winter season, such problems are usually very common as people undertake hygienic habits to stay healthy, meanwhile due to the presence of the dry air enhances more of such aspects. This even causes due to the inappropriate intake of Vitamin B-complex, mainly biotin that are effective for proper maintenance of the nail bed. In their absence ridges are formed which leads to their breaking. The diet should be high proportion of Vitamin C, folic acid; omega-3 fatty acids etc can cure such breaking of the nails. Yogurt & green leafy vegetables, almonds help to summate the radiance.

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