In recent times, smart home solutions are gaining popularity and dominating the lives of modern households in Australia. They are highly tech-enabled and features systems that can control everything, from the temperature of the house to security, lights and door operations. Most importantly, they are operable with a few finger touch or buttons on the smart devices (i.e. smartphones, tablets). So, whether you want to make your home secure from end to end for the kids and elders or want to create an enjoyable, entertaining ambience with audio or video systems, smart home integration is the key! You need a proficient electrical services provider with experience of working with smart technologies to install and integrate different smart-home devices like lights, CCTV cameras, doorlocks, sensors, thermostat regulators, kitchen appliances, security alarms, etc.

But before you transform your home into a smart home, here is how the system works to provide absolute convenience and safety to the families.

Interconnected operations and distribution

All the smart home solutions work together in synchronisation to ensure the ultimate objective of having comfort is met. For instance, the lights of every room are connected to the time clock, so that during the night, they are turned on and they switched off as dawn arrives. Likewise, the door locks are connected with smart intercom (2-way video phone) when a visitor knocks at the door. The surveillance cameras of your home security systems are connected with the sensor-activated lights. So, whenever any motion or irregular event is detected by the sensor, the lights will flash with intensity and the camera is turned towards where a movement is noticed. On the entertaining aspect, smart devices do wonder. For instance, you want a live concert streaming on your phone but wants everyone in the house to enjoy it. You can connect and broadcast it on your smart TV set.

Thus, all in all, smart homes are built on interconnectivity which acts as the backbone of the home and provides support to all activities in the household.

Lighting & Temperature Control

This point is worth mentioning because lighting and temperature control system in the homes (like Air conditioners or coolers) consume a maximum of electricity. The smart home integration which means integrating the functions of lighting and temperature appliances with smart technology will help in reducing energy consumption. For instance, by commanding ‘good night’ or by turning off the main lights at the hallway, you can activate the dim night lights of your home. Similarly, the AC or coolers will regulate the temperature according to the outside temperature, number of members in the room, and will even automatically switch off when they sense h person in the room. Moreover, you can operate ACs or lights remotely via your smartphone, and hence even if you move out of home hurriedly, you can later switch everything off remotely.

Higher Safety is Ensured

Your home and its residents will ensure top-notch safety with smart security installations like smart PIN activated/finger sensor locks, doors and window sensors, intercoms, intruder alarms and sensor alarms. No unauthorized or non-familiar person can get through the door lock as they will not know the PIN. They might be needed to communicate with members inside via the intercom before entering. Sensors and alarms will always be triggered in case of any unforeseen events like forced break-ins, fire/smoke bursts, heavy liquid flow, electric sparks and so on. Interestingly, in every situation, i.e. when a visitor comes or when alarm rings, the owner will be notified in the smart centralised devices and hence can control the situation even staying away from home.

Well, this was the story of how smart home solutions work! Being interconnected and equipped with next-gen technology, they are acting as the supervisor of the homes, always protecting and comforting the members.

Author's Bio: 

The author is one of the excellently skilled electricians, specialised in smart home solutions! He works at a reputed smart home consultation and electrical agency in Australia and has assisted hundreds of homes to get smart lights, entertainment and home security systems installed.