Having a healthy body is a must, especially for athletes. However, to achieve such a
standard, one needs to follow critical body build-up and maintenance. Athletes usually
undergo physical training and hardcore exercises to do this. Such drills are proven to
improve their stamina, strength, endurance, and balance. But of course, people can
achieve these by exercising and knowing their limits since this level of intensity can lead
to injuries. By pushing limits while engaging in hardcore exercises, it may lead to the
opposite of your goal, damaging your body system. That’s why gears such as Bamboo
Calf Compression is a must for athletes like you.
But what is this gear for? Perhaps this introduction can help.

What is calf compression?
Calf compression is a gear critically improved for the athlete’s. It is usually an elastic
fabric worn on the calf providing support for that specific area. Hence, you can feel the
tightness or compression around the ankle area and less tightness above the leg area.
This device is essential for athletes as it further increases their performance. Besides, it
improves acceleration, which is a vital asset for all athletes. Moreover, it offers the care
and support needed to accomplish tasks with intensive leg work.
The other benefit is that it can help with healing injuries. Cramps, stiffness, and leg
pains heal faster as it increases blood flow in the arteries.
Compression socks are indeed an aid for all athletes. But how does Bamboo infused
compression gears differ?

What is the difference in Bamboo Calf Compression Sleeves?
Bamboo is known for being a flexible plant despite being the strongest. Due to this
feature, bamboo fibers are later infused in gears such as compression sleeves to serve
the same purpose. Through this innovation, it improves the general use of compression
gear. It provides outstanding support through its natural attributes.

What are the benefits of Bamboo Calf Compression?
1. Therapeutic aid
Therapeutic aid is the primary function of this gear. It serves to increase blood flow,
especially on the leg part. Its level of compression, 15-20 mmHg, smoothes out the flow
of oxygen on to the, which is perfect for your leg workout.

2. Comfortable with style
Aside from its supportive compression support value, bamboo gear also provide
comfort. Anyone can wear them on a daily basis and go on with their routine without
restraint with the help of this bamboo calf compression.
3. Quality
Bamboo Calf Compression socks offer safety from hazardous substances. Never worry
about chemicals found in other products as this sock is all-natural, made from organic

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