Music promotions through Social media is a trend nowadays. In fact, social media platforms are the best place to kick-start your career and increase your music’s popularity. One of the most popular social platforms that every aspiring musician should be acquainted with is SoundCloud.

This article will talk about the benefits of using SoundCloud, plus the pros and cons of using SoundCloud and other relevant information about music promotions on the platform.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a leading social platform for every musician and listener where everyone can create and listen to music and share them with everybody. When you sign-up to SoundCloud, you can be a creator, listener, or a curator.

You can upload and record sounds to SoundCloud, and you can share them with your friends, blogs, and other social networks privately or publicly. SoundCloud has comprehensive stats that evaluate your performance easily. You can interact with your fans through comments and promote your songs as well.

You can discover new music to listen and love. You can follow other SoundCloud creators and listen to their songs. You can also save tracks and create your own playlist. SoundCloud also offers recommendations of related tracks that will help you discover more songs to your liking.

You can share your work with your followers. Moreover, you can also follow new creators and build hit tracks and playlist.

Benefits of Using SoundCloud in Promoting Music

As a musician, promoting your music is an important thing to consider, and when it comes to social media sound platform, SoundCloud is the best sound platform that will help you in your music promotions. Below are some of the benefits that you can reap from using SoundCloud to promote your music.

Using SoundCloud is free. You are free to register, upload your songs, stream different genre, and you can promote your work freely. Since SoundCloud is a well-known sound platform, you know your work is on a safe and trusted platform. Furthermore, as an artist, your work is monitored and measured by the analytics team.

Great music collection.
SoundCloud has a great variety of awesome collections of music by different artists. Every popular musician has a SoundCloud account and uploads their works on it. What’s even better is that every creator has a lot of tunes to choose from and discover new styles that let him come up with new musical ideas.

You will be inspired a lot since there are a lot of choices with different artist and with different genres that will help you create good music.

More opportunity to get your song popular.
SoundCloud is a popular platform that has millions of people visiting the site to listen to their favorite tracks and artists. With these vast number of visitors, SoundCloud becomes most advantageous to a new artist for their music promotion and has a bigger opportunity for popularity.

Pros and Cons of Using SoundCloud

When using the social media in promoting your songs, it so important to have a real knowledge of the platform you plan to use. This is because true advantage lies in your knowledge about the platform. This means knowing the basic information and everything there is to know about soundCloud, including its pros and cons.


The following are the pros of using soundCloud:

SoundCloud is designed to be user-friendly, thus making the site and application simple to use.

You can choose to share your audios and videos either privately or publicly.

There are no limitations with regards to file sizes.

The sharing of the user’s audio and video files allows the user to get a lot of exposure

Fans are allowed to discuss easily the specific parts of a song and give their comments.

It allows everybody to share their songs with you even though they aren’t on SoundCloud.

Users are allowed to repost your work, thus sharing becomes a flexible process.

Each track file has its page together with a URL address that is unique.

SoundCloud has different groups dedicated to different genres and topics.

SoundCloud lets your tracks be managed easily by organizing them into sets.

The mobile app lets you record spontaneously and upload them from your smartphone.


Here are some cons of using SoundCloud:

There are no available editing tools and any adding effects.

You cannot follow or comment on your favorite track unless you have a SoundCloud account.

Although SoundCloud is free, you still have to pay for the cost if you want to have a full package and upgrade your subscription for better services.


Music promotion requires a lot of efforts and considerations in order to make your promotion successful. The use of Social Media as a platform is very helpful, especially when the platform you are using is a trusted brand.

When it comes to the best Social media sound platform, SoundCloud comes first. This article has discussed what SoundCloud is all about together with its advantages and disadvantages and other basic information.

Now that you already have the basic knowledge about the platform, you can freely decide what you will do next on SoundCloud and what option will you choose. As long as you have enough knowledge of what you are doing coupled with the right skills, you are good to go.

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