If you are training on your own then a Pedometer could be a good add to your arsenal of helpful gadgets. Whether you are trying to stay healthy, trying to get fit or looking to loose some weight one of these devices could become your new best friend.

- Motivational Effect.

The ability to measure the amount of exercise you are doing down to the number of steps taken can be of great mental benefit adding to your levels of motivation. Striving to better your past results ultimately can be a driving force to success. Most devices will have the ability to store and accumulate results. You can set targets and achieve these targets over a number of exercise sessions.

- Make Exercise Fun

There are always times when going for a walk or taking a jog around the block is not going to be the most appealing thing to do. But what if it becomes fun? Suddenly the playing field is changed and you can't wait to be doing exercise. Many types of Pedometers add the fun factor. Giving yourself a reward by setting virtual rewards for distances travelled is one way to add fun to the routine. Some devices will reward you by activating games that are charged with activity.

- Independent Exercise adding to a Group Goal

A real trend that is sweeping the world is exercise for charity. Groups of people each armed with one of what is fast becoming for me a favourite device, all strive for a common goal. This may be done for fund raising or simply to raise awareness to a cause. Sometimes people will jog together, but this is not a requirement to be part of achieving a group goal. Participants can be in completely different parts of the world. This is truly in the spirit of what is becoming a world phenomenon.

If you want to add some fun to your exercise sessions, feel motivated by achieving milestones and/or want to be part of something bigger, then I recommend that you look into sourcing a suitable Pedometer. But be warned. Avoid buying anything too cheap. Some devices could be disappointing due to a lack of any accuracy. Invented in 1780 by Abraham-Louis Perrelet this wonderful device is only just now coming of age. Is it time to join the revolution?

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Written by Kurt Brandso, qualified Football Coach and Referee. Looking for a good quality Pedometer? Then I am happy to recommend that you have a look at the device featured on the following website. http://stepwalking.com