Protein is one of the most vital building blocks for our body, and fitness freaks swear by it. Offering various benefits for our body like improving metabolism, lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, aiding in fat loss, satiating hunger, and managing type 2 diabetes are a few of its benefits. Protein also helps in repairing tissue and preventing muscle loss. This is why one can easily spot fitness enthusiasts sipping their protein shakes often.
Now you know why protein is necessary, but why you need to invest in a protein shaker is the first question that runs in the minds of the users. We are listing not one but multiple reasons below why you need a shaker bottle if you are a fitness enthusiast.

Easy To Mix

One who has done it knows how difficult it is to mix the powder in milk or water in a glass with a spoon. The process seems never-ending with the clumps formed, and the powder tends to stick on the base and sides of the glass. And despite vigorously mixing, the lumps are still left. Apart from this, the liquid and protein contents cannot be measured when preparing the shake in a glass. This is why it is essential to own a protein shaker. These shaker bottles are designed in a way, so that eases the process of mixing and offers a creamy and smooth shake every time.


The protein shakers are versatile to mix the protein powder and blend fruits and dry fruits in the shake seamlessly. One can experiment with various protein recipes with the shaker making your regular protein drink fun every time. Not all shaker bottles can blend fruits. ShakesSphere protein shakers can blend fruits without any blades and top-rated brands that you can find in the market. Their cap has a unique clip that fits the finger and makes them easy to carry around.


The protein shaker's design is such that the cap of the shaker is equipped with the vacuum suction mechanism that locks with the body when sealed shut. The vacuum prevents any leak or spillage when the shaker bottle lies unattended while you are working out. It is one of the significant benefits that make it travel friendly. Various brands offer numerous designs, but it is challenging to choose the best. You might check out some fantastic leak-proof shakers here: They offer a wide range of options to choose from with various models to suit your requirements.

Safe for Health

Plastic or glass bottles tend to release harmful chemicals when exposed to sun or heat. These are extremely bad for health and can lead to various diseases in the future. Most protein shakes are made using food-grade materials and do not release such harmful chemicals despite heat exposure.

Volume Markings

All the protein shakers in the market come with volume markings on the outside that help the user ascertain the level of contents when preparing the perfect shake. When preparing the shake, it is important to prepare as per the recommended water to protein ratio to have a consistent, smooth, and creamy drink every time.


If one is looking for a durable shaker bottle, steel shakers are considered the right option, as they are sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and environment friendly. Sure they are expensive compared to glass and plastic shakers, but they offer durability like no other and make them complete value for money. Steel shakers are also slippery, which makes them easy to clean, and they also do not emit a foul smell even after months of use. You might consider checking out some great options here:

We have listed various reasons why every fitness freak should own a protein shaker with not just one. When you have made up your mind, it is always better to know what protein shaker is the best option and things you need to know before you buy one. Deciding on the shaker's right side is important and will help you choose one accordingly. One must also consider how easy it is to clean the shaker bottle. Most of the shakers have the problem that the residue sticks to the base and does not deliver proper mixing. Various brands in the market offer multiple choices to choose from. Selecting the right one based on their design and user reviews can help you decide what will suit your needs the most.

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