Even in the super-rarefied world of high-end and deluxe aftermarket rims, there are hierarchies.

These tiers are usually made of a brand’s reputation, the quality of their products, their innovation, looks, style, price tags and several other bells and whistles.

Savini Wheels is a brand that’s perched right at the top, just like a lion is the apex predator of its territory. 

In this territory, so to speak, there are very few brands that come close. Sure, Lexani, Forgiato, Vossen and Nutek all have a place on the highest rung, but Savini is a tad special.

This is a brand that was established in 2003 solely to provide bespoke rims to clients who owned some of the most premium cars in the United States. Since then, it has even outpaced the liked of Tesla Wheels, considered one of the most prestigious brands in the world and used only on a handful of Tesla’s vehicles.

You will find countless forums where automotive experts, dilettantes and just fans of custom-made rims drooling over the iconic designs that Savini dishes out year after year – like clockwork.

Unlike other mainstays of the aftermarket category like ESR Wheels, Savini’s products do not follow any preset rules. The company surveys the market very closely and follows the ebbs and tides of fads and trends. It is this business intelligence that has placed it at the forefront of custom, multipiece wheels niche.

By now, you must have guessed that Savini Wheels means big business! Indeed, they are some of the most expensive rims money can buy. Plus, there is a long waiting list to add to a prospective client’s miseries, not to mention the innumerable fakes which unscrupulous retailers try to pass off as genuine rims from the house of Savini.

To avoid all of these problems, visit AudioCity USA, a 33-year-young retailer of splendid custom wheels from almost all major brands, lift kits, suspension parts and an assorted range of automotive spares. 

If you think this is going to be a blatant advertisement for this retailer, you’d be dead wrong!

Just read down for some more information.

What’s the big deal with Audiocity USA?

This is a retailer which has witnessed the fall and ultimate demise of stainless-steel rims and muscle cars. It is also the agency that saw the advent of a new type of wheel which would be made of high-grade aluminum alloys.

A lot has changed over 33 years. But this retailer’s commitment to quality, low prices, easy financing options, and an overall old-world professional charm has hardly diminished!

Even if you are purchasing some budget options instead of Savini Wheels, you will receive the same help and guidance. This endearing factor is what has set the retailer apart.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should always go for AudioCity USA whenever it’s time to procure a set of new ESR Wheels or any of its closest rivals like Fuel, Enkei, American Racing and XD.

  1. Unmatched inventory: If you are simply logging in to the official website of the retailer, you might fumble a bit initially due to the complicated arrangement of pages and articles. But type in the name of the brand you are looking for in the search bar of this retailer’s website, and voila! Numerous models, starting from the latest ones, will populate the page.

At the moment, AudioCity USA stores over 280 different models of Savini rims. Each of them is neatly labeled and all details are covered with care.

Right now, you will get an attractive discount of up to 30% on the entire range of Savini Di Forza BM9 wheels. These are blank rims, meaning that they can be crafted according to what the customer requires.

What’s more, with just a few clicks, you can narrow down your search by diameters and also by price. It’s as simple as visiting the retailer’s premises!

  1. Lowest prices guaranteed: AudioCity USA understands that the price shock is the primary reason why most people do not go for branded wheels. That’s why the retailer guarantees you the lowest prices available in the United States market on each and every rim in their inventory, regardless of brand, size, material or technology used.

Whether you are purchasing the latest ESR Wheels (like the forged 10-spoke CS12, a splendid sight) or any other model from the best manufacturers, you can rest assured that you won’t face a price shock. Ever!

Besides, the retailer has a longstanding partnership with ‘Progressive Leasing’, a financing company that allows you to purchase your dream rims on rent and repay the amount in equated instalments. 

For more details on these latter aspects, please get in touch with the outlet’s customer representatives!

  1. Get the best help and guidance: When you purchase a set of Tesla Wheels from AudioCity USA, you will always have extremely fast shipments to all 50 States. Alternatively, if you are purchasing them the old-fashioned way, I.e., from the shop, you will also have free alignment plus road force balancing using the latest gear from Hunter’s®.

Should you purchase a set of durable off-road rims and tires to match, the professional service personnel will completely free mounting & balancing solutions, alongside the best-suited lugs and nuts without charging you a penny!

Besides, you can always have a chat with the old-timers who have seen the advent of most of the modern brands including Savini Wheels! They can provide you with a ton of insights!

Before we go...

This retailer now has a brand-new showroom on Telegraph Road, CA. If you feel like it, you can always check what they currently have down at the new & bigger place!

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