Qnet is one of the most popular Multi level marketing companies all over the world at the moment. The company has been profiting its members right from its implementation and has so far generated a huge member base in different parts of the world. The members too have instilled immense faith in the company and are now gaining tremendous rewards and profits. QNet was first started in 1998 under Vijay Eswaran and has since then never looked back in its direct selling approach. The concept was simple, to sell the product to the members who further sell it to others to gain profits and rewards. The strategy f the company was such that the members would hardly incur any losses to begin with. But however these days, Net has been defamed and the image of the company has been falsely disparaged on the World Wide Web by certain people. Some have even spread the rumor that Qnet Scam is on the rise and to be aware of it.
I have myself been a member of Qnet for a long time and have personally loved every bit of my relationship with the company. Thus it is pretty weird for me to consider the Qnet Scam rumors to be true. The company has never seen a setback of complaints or negativity all this time and the sudden surge of the same thing goes to show how much of a ploy the entire rumor thing is. The reason why I say it is a ploy and a setup by other rival companies is solely because of the success factor of QNet. The company was one of the first such of its kind and since then many companies did try to emulate QNet but couldn’t capitalize on it. Another weird claim is that QNet products aren’t authentic or the company uses a Pyramid scheme to function which is considered to be illegal. Honestly, QNet never functioned on the Pyramid scheme and worked on a model that was bound to benefit members to the fullest. Somehow it is really sad to see a few members who didn’t quite gain the most out of Qnet are now on the verge of defaming it and spreading rumors about it.
Qnet Scam is one of the worst things to happen to a company that believes in credibility and quality to the fullest. The QNet Company itself has its own training studio titled The V to help members and staff train accordingly on the direct selling process and get them acquainted with the proper functioning of the company. There are a few other members like me who believe and know that the Qnet Scam and rumor allegations are nothing but a way to demean the company of its credibility. Hence it’s better to not pay heed to any such rumors and rather start to support the company and gain the most from it through its services. With more and more years to come, the company will only get better with its member base and in the direct selling category.

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