Why should we go digital?
Knowingly or unknowingly, we are going digital. The first thing your brain thinks when you wake up is about social media. We open social media apps to view newsfeed. In the workplace, almost all the work is carried out online. We have surpassed the mechanical era and reached a digitally advanced age.
Every day something new happens that benefits digital transformation. The organizations are entering the digital world with workflow automation and advancing their presence globally. The competition is high, and the data has become the most valuable entity in the world, and this is all because of digital transformation.

Benefits of digital transformation

If you are wondering why you should go digital, here are few benefits of digital transformation that will help you understand better.

1) To stay competitive and relevant

As a developing country, we fall slightly back from developed countries but, digital transformation helps us to keep updated with the developed countries. Access to digital technology may not be equal, but the competition and relevancy in evenly distributed.
We can enhance our working skills, improve analytic and statistical skills, and emerge in the competitive market. Digital presence keeps you aware of the global sensation and helps to keep our thinking aligned.

2) Enhanced Data collection

Data collection is a hectic yet important job and demands a crucial amount of relevancy and analysis. In research, manual data collection will take a lot of time and effort. Digital transformation gives a platform to gather relevant data and transform raw data into valuable data that fully incorporate in driving the business forward. It makes data collection convenient, and accuracy is also high.

3) Elevate customer experience

A business can win the trust of its customer if it can provide a great customer experience. Customers want to be heard and feel special. A digital platform can be a place for a business, either small or big, to reach customers and initiate a relationship with them. Digital marketing plays a crucial role here. If a business can elevate the customer experience, then it earns a customer and profit.

4) Better connectivity

Connecting and communicating is simple and easy now with the latest technologies. It can keep us updated with the latest news, tweets, posts, events, everything that is currently happening in the world.
As per Techmandu, Connect IPS, a digital payment platform, can help us carry out banking transactions bank to bank from mobile phones. Bill paying was never this easy with digital payment platforms. A cashless and secured transaction is possible with better connectivity, and better connectivity is the product of digitalization.

5) Advancement in innovation

The digital landscape is changing gradually. Even as we speak, innovation is taking place. The world is c onnected and adapting to a new normal due to innovations. You will always observe the new competition, new tools, and new ideas, and it is never-ending. One business will always try to be better than another, and customers will always demand more, so digital transformation helps to increase innovative ideas.


The digital world is fast, automatic, and smart. It was created simply to create a space where we can integrate with technologies to make our life easier. A person with no digital knowledge is no less than a caveman, so to advance ourselves, to achieve our goals in life, to innovate something that helps mankind in the coming decades, we should definitely prefer going digital.

Author's Bio: 

Purushottam Timalsina is a blogger, SEO specialist, and a motivational influencer in Nepal. He is now working as Project Manager at Webmandu Nepal PVT. LTD. Completed bachelor degree in BSC CSIT from Tribhuban University. Started career while pursuing his bachelor degree dreaming to become a professional in his passion, interest, and career.