If you are wondering why anybody should ask this question when the answer seems obvious, think again. This question is surfacing at every seminar, meeting and session with young single adults, including girls who pay the highest price for premarital sex. Many relationships are started based on anticipated sexual pleasure with the opposite sex. For most of such relationships, this question does not arise because premarital sex is just normal. For in the group who still have a small light of what is right, the question of why sex should be saved till marriage, is very cogent and requires urgent answer.
Here are some of the reason why sex should be saved till marriage:
• Appropriate - Sexual intimacy is only appropriate in a lawful and legal marriage relationship. Even those who celebrate sexual license feel deep in their hearts that it is wrong to do what they are preaching. The only place where sexual intercourse does not end in regret and a pang on the conscience is in a marriage relationship. The permissiveness of our time has not been able to dull everybody's conscience on this matter. Premarital and extramarital sex is still clearly frowned at as inappropriate and it should be.
• Wholesome - Sexual intercourse in a marriage relationship is wholesome. Outside marriage, sexual intercourse produces a feeling of unwholesomeness. Many who have been involved have felt used and wondered sometimes loudly what all the lure and excitement connected is worth after you have done it outside marriage. Men and women who have been involved either to avenge similar treatment from their spouses or dates or courtship partners have ended up regretting as the only things they had felt after are foolish, stupid and unworthy. In marriage, most sexual intercourse produced beautiful feelings.
• Secure - The sexual experience of married couples leaves them feeling secure. Of course, they should feel secure because they are actually secure legally, socially and by divine ordinance. Sexual intercourse is filled with consequences. While a marriage relationship celebrates such consequences as pregnancy and connection, those involved in premarital or extramarital sex detest and are actually threatened by these consequences. This is because they are not secure in their relationship.
• Responsibility - Sexual intercourse carries with it some responsibilities. In marriage, these responsibilities are anticipated and accepted. It is a joy when sexual intercourse results in pregnancy in a marriage relationship. Outside marriage, these responsibilities are not accepted, in fact, they are fought against, agonized about and all involved would rather shirk their responsibilities than to accept them.
• Mutual respect - Mutual respect is one of the elements of the foundation for joyful relationships. Premarital and extramarital sex is one of the easiest ways to lose respect of your friends. The only time you can retain your respect after sexual intercourse is if it is done within the bonds of matrimony. Outside, the people involved some of the times begin to loathe the thought and sight of one another, contrary to the hyped media glamour.

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