Business is a very competitive world. Every company is fighting with the other to make better gains while providing the most useful product or service. One of the most important ways to do this is by building a strong and confident customer support base. The race to gain more customer support is never-ending. In this hustle, it is important for businesses to take care of the privacy of customer's data and contact details.

A mobile phone number, in today's world, can easily be used by third parties or hackers to get access to the bank account details or the emails of the person concerned. This has led to increased reluctance among the customers in picking up unknown calls. There is a way out of it for the businesses: Call Masking.

Call masking offers a way to protect the privacy of the customer data. It also helps in ensuring the privacy of the company's data.

What is Call Masking?

Call masking is a feature that allows the company to contact the customer without knowing the real contact number of the customer. It will enable both parties to protect their number and stay anonymous while being connected over a call.

Different from the original, a number is used to forward the company's call to the user. For example, a company's number is XXX-XXXX. A call masking service provider will act as an intermediary and change the number to YYY-YYYY. So that, when the customer receives the call, he sees YYY-YYYY instead of XXX-XXXX. In the same way, when the customer with a number AAA-AAAA calls the company in return, the service provider will change his number to, say, BBB-BBBB. This way, neither the company nor the customer will get to know each other's real contact numbers.

This also works while texting. However, the number assigned is often short-lived, and it gets recycled and reassigned after a few hours. Various call masking service providers also allow the feature of tracking and monitoring the calls. This can help in data analysis and quality testing later.

This is of utmost importance in the fields where the call needs to be made only once. Some of the examples include last-mile delivery executives, cab drivers, food delivery, etc. Here, it is improbable that the two parties need to contact each other again. So, Masking helps in removing the fear of data privacy, especially the mobile number.

Why should you use call Masking?

There are a lot of reasons why Masking should be used. We need to understand them before making any further decisions. Let us look at some of them:

•Data Privacy: All of us know that data is the most valuable asset in the world today. A lot of companies are looking for customer data to enhance their reach by cold-calling. But for customers, this becomes a menace. Hundreds of unwanted calls and messages can make customers very skeptical about the businesses. In such a case, protecting the number by call masking service providers can be a boon for the customers and businesses. It can help businesses regain the trust of their customers.

•Saves Money: Most of the calls here are done via cloud services. This keeps the companies from receiving long telephone bills. It also helps in increasing the ROI for companies.

•Increases customer trust: If customers know that their data is safe, they will automatically trust the company more. It helps the businesses to grow more and sets them apart from their competitors.

•Helps in Analysis: Most of the call masking service providers facilitate tracking and monitoring of the calls. This provides a way for businesses to know their mistakes and make amends to them later. It also provides a brilliant base for training of their staff.

Using Proxy numbers for Incoming Call Forwarding

The method assigns a proxy number to every order. The customer's call is forwarded to the service partner if they call the proxy number. Likewise, a service partner's call is forwarded to the customer via the proxy number. The original phone numbers are never shared with the customer or service partner; only the proxy number is shared.

Basic requirements and setup

1.A plethora of proxy numbers that can be rented from Knowlarity
2.A system that assigns a proxy number based on two numbers
3.These proxy numbers have APIs for getting status details on calls they make


Call Masking, in today's world, is a necessity. If a business wants to grow and make a loyal customer base, it must opt for this. Various companies like Knowlarity provide excellent call masking services for the companies. They help in protecting the identities while ensuring a seamless connection to both of the parties involved.

This benefits the customers, but it also helps the businesses retain the information they feel is important and private.

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