I guess you must have come across many articles online telling you on how to build self-confidence, but have you once in a while thought of the importance of self-confidence in your life or what it can do for you?

In this article, I am going to use general terms in order to bring out this importance of self-confidence so that you will equally apply it in your field to see how the concept of self-confidence is useful.

But before I do that, I want you to know that it’s because of this same issue of confidence which made some people to become famous.

Why self-confidence is important

If you want to know the extent to which the above statement is true, ask any successful person (if you managed to come across one) how he managed to become successful or famous, he will probably start by saying something like this ‘I created my desires in life and work towards it.

That is what he will probably say but do you know what made him succeed? It’s nothing more than self-confidence. It’s self-confidence that pushed or motivated him after having his desire map in mind. To certain extend, you will also discover that it’s this same self-confidence that gave him the ability to set an attainable goals in life.
It’s self-confidence that makes us famous

Have you ever wondered why some people become famous in life while others are the reverse? Let me put this statement in a better way. Have you ever wondered why musicians and actors/actresses easily become popular and famous? If you go deep into it, you will discover that they easily become what they are highly because of their self-confident level.

It’s this inner self-confidence that gave them the courage to speak, walk and behave confidently in front of cameras and the audience. In two of my articles, ‘Signs of lack of self-confidence' and ’Signs of lack of self-esteem', I explained some of the disadvantages that come alongside the habit of lacking confidence and self-esteem in one's self.
It’s self-confidence that sends out shyness

Do you know that because of shyness, many people have lost great opportunities in life? And while on the other hand, many people have benefited as a result of having built their self-confidence. This is because; shyness is a sharp contrast of confidence.

When one factor is present, the other is out and in this case, in order to have certain great chances, one must eliminate shyness and this can only be done by the use of its contrast and that is one of the reasons why self-confidence is important.
Self-confidence tells people who you are

One of the ways by which we identify certain people as being confident boils down on how they want us to perceive them. In this case, self-confidence can be important in the sense that you can equally use it to manipulate the way by which you want to be considered by others and that is one of the reasons why some people appear to be confident when in reality, they are really not what they seem to be.

Another reason why self-confidence is important is because it’s used when getting over criticism from others. It is no wonder why many authors behind self-help websites usually encourage their readers to first of all build a solid self-confident system before trying to get over certain false habits like the habit of shame, the habit of criticism, jealousy etc.

It’s only through the help of solid self-confidence that such habits can be eliminated or broken. One psychologist once said that ‘A confident person sees the world from a clear perspective.’

There are many ways in which I can bring out the importance of self-confidence but, what I have mentioned above are just some of the important ways in which one can spot out the importance of building your self-confidence.

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