Whether to choose Android or iOS for application is always highly debatable. As both platforms are popular and effective, it is always hard for application developers to select one between them. The choice becomes even complicated when things come to design native applications.

There has always existed major rivalry between Android and iPhone app development company. As a result, there is always something interesting and new things can be seen in the application market. The high competition between these two platforms has made things necessary for developers to decide and judge the right option for career development.

However, the choice of platform changes from company to company as it completely depends on the intended requirements for their application. Following are some major advantages of choosing the iOS platform for application development:

More Desirable Application Quality

Any app development company can produce n number of applications but do they possess desirable quality? iOS application development companies are always more cautious about the quality of applications. Though there are other applications that outnumber the iOS apps but most of them are not designed as per the user expectation. The main objective of iOS applications is to provide seamless user experience without compromising the application quality.

No Carrier Data

Many operating systems allows a smartphone to be overloaded with third party app with some excessive subscription fees. Most of the times, the pre-install applications fail after a short period of time providing misleading experience to the users. The iOS applications do not allow any carrier data or unnecessary applications. The iOS applications provide the trustworthy application services at affordable cost.

HTML5 Support

HTML5 has all the abilities to replace Flash to provide the multimedia requirements of users on the web. Multimedia is already a big thing for web-based mobile applications. They help to provide quick message conveyance of product services. The better HTML5 support for iOS application definitely going to boost the utilization of iPhone devices.

Device Compatibility

The application aspect should be convenient with different devices and OS versions. For example, if the app looks different in iPad having different iOS versions, it creates the bad impression as it decreases the interest of customers about the application. Thus, application compatibility on different devices and OS versions become a very crucial factor to consider, when developing iOS applications.

Reach Target Audience

The app development is considered successful only when the application is largely praised by the users. Therefore, advanced iOS development task will be effectual only if it successfully reaches to the targeted audience. Marketing and strong App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques help to make iOS apps popular on the App Store. This will help to acquire more potential users for iOS applications.

Enhanced User Experience

iOS applications are less concerned with the fragmentation issues. The User Interface (UI) on iPhone devices have not been subjected to major changes. The fragmentation thing related to the different screen sizes, resolutions, aspect ratio and Pixel Per Inch (PPI). The iOS app developers do not need to take immense effort to resolve the fragmentation issue. Apple eventually allows their customers to upgrade to the latest versions. It will result in more enhanced and consistent user experience.

Dynamic Icons For Apps

iOS application icons are much pleasant and appealing. They are designed so properly as some apps and folders display notifications even without logging. Application developers can found robust icon libraries for iOS apps to make application interaction more responsive. The dynamic icons help users to easily navigate through the functionality of applications.

Improved Siri

The Apple has made key changes in its personal assistant and knowledge navigator Siri. The company has introduced more advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Siri. It provides a correct response to the questions asked by the users. In future, the voicemail concept might be replaced by iVoicemail where Siri will answer the phone calls.

Attracting New Customers

iOS mobile applications help to lower down the cost that businesses need to invest for marketing purpose. How? Well, since an app has the ability to send push notifications to customers to inform them about latest product and offers. Many businesses still use email marketing to promote their services. But, push notification feature significantly reduces the marketing budget of the business.

Moreover, a user can open an app even without Internet connection. Unlike a mobile site that requires an established network connection, customers will most likely be able to utilize limited period offer. Also, a user is less likely to access a mail over viewing push notifications added on the top of the application screen.


The above-mentioned are the key advantages of iOS applications. The businesses can outsource the iPhone app development company to build a robust application for their operations. The iOS has extended its ability by introducing the new iOS programming framework like Swift. The iOS applications developed with Swift are more user-centric and performance driven in nature. Hence it would be great for application developers if they choose iOS as their application development platform.

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Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in a leading android development company with skilled android app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.