Are you nearing retirement age? Do you feel a sense of dread at the prospect? It’s not unnatural. Retirement is a fearful prospect for a lot of adults. Some of their fears include the lack of a regular paycheck and not being able to continue living in the way they used to.

But what if we told you that these worries were unfounded?

Retirement Isn’t So Bad After All

We understand the fears that come with retirement, but that’s the thing, retirement is about letting go of our fears and embracing our life the way it is.

No More Canceled Travel Plans!

How many people are never able to see their dream destination because of their busy work schedule? How many people have essential jobs that don’t let them take time off for an extended period of time? Well, after retirement, all you have is time!
Plus, there’s no painful waiting-for-the-weekend blues either. You can have fun when you want, and wherever you want.

And Of Course, No More Work!

You’re at this stage because you’ve worked for 40 years or more. It’s time to relax now. It takes a long time for a person to get to retirement—and once you get there, you have every right to stop worrying about work.

Taking Up New Hobbies

For a lot of us, our lives are spent on acquiring skills related to our job. But what about all those things that you really, badly wanted to learn, but never could?
Well, you can now! It’s never too late to find a hobby!

And if You Do Face Financial Troubles

It’s possible that, at some point during retirement, you might find yourself stuck in a financial rut. This is especially true for people who go into retirement without any savings—such as no IRAs and no 401ks. These people mostly live off social security—and that isn’t a lot to begin with; especially with continuous calls for social security cuts.

If you find yourself in such as stage at any point in your retirement, know that you still have one option left: life settlements. If you qualify for a life settlement (find out more about eligibility here), you have the option of selling your life insurance policy to a willing entity.

You will get paid in a lump sum, with a greater cash surrender value in most cases. The buyer will become the new beneficiary and will receive the death net value.

How Can You Find Out More about Life Settlements?

Interested in getting a life settlement? Read all about them here, and use this free life settlement calculator to figure out how much your policy is worth. You can also give Prosperity Life Settlements a call at 800-591-2551 for more details.

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Emily Scott, a distinguished attorney at Prosperity Life Settlements, works to offer clients efficient, multi-faceted solutions to selling life insurance policies. Her dedication to compassion, counseling, and legal representation ensures their case is in the best hands