It's true that many people consider it a logistical nightmare to move furniture because, in addition to being difficult to move, it's an incredibly time-consuming process. What’s more, if you go the DIY way, it will cost you a lot which will leave you regretting the decision not to hire professional removalists in Gold Coast. At the end of the day, it’s all about planning because the earlier you can start to plan things, the better are your chances of a successful move.

The planning guide

• Shortlist some moving companies and call them up one by one to ask for estimates. Make sure not to wait till the last few days before the move as the removalists will then quote you a high price.

• Discard everything you don’t need. A good way to raise some money is to arrange a garage sale of all your discarded items.

• If you live in a leased property, make sure to arrange for cleaning so that you get your bond money back.

• Apply for a change of address for your electricity bills to your new house.

• If your removalists won't provide the packing materials, make sure to arrange for them by yourself. First, gauge the things you will be taking with you and then buy cartons accordingly.

• Make sure to notify your banks about the fact that you are about to move.

• Plan well beforehand where you will be placing your new furniture and belongings in your new house. This will prevent any unnecessary hassles on the moving day.

• Arrange for cable and electricity to be connected to your new house. Also, make sure that they are disconnected from your old house when the move is done.

• Inform your neighbours that you are leaving so that they can forward anything or anyone to your new address.

Deciding on the truck size is probably the most difficult

Most people make the mistake of going out and picking the first truck or van they can get their hands on. This isn’t the way to go because if you don’t decide on the size of the truck you need, things can go very wrong. This is tricky because if you end up with a bigger truck but doesn’t much furniture to fill it, you will be paying for just space. On the other hand, you can’t also get a smaller truck. You will want all your belongings to be transported in one go. Smaller trucks mean that only a limited number of furniture will fit them and that means multiple trips. This will only increase your petrol costs and invariably increase the cost of the move.

Having problems deciding on the truck size? It’s normal because you don’t have the expertise which furniture removalists in Gold Coast have. These professionals have been performing house and office removals regularly for years. By just looking at your furniture and belongings, they will be able to correctly ascertain how big or how many trucks you will need.

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