Stereotypes exist. Yes they do, in many shapes and forms, but you don’t necessarily need to fit in any one mold to seek approval. When you are young, the peer pressure makes you do many things, including travel. While many other things may negatively pressurize you to change your path, travel is something that may change your personality for better. Still, many young people hesitate to take up travel as the first thing in their life. They like to defer vacations while citing reasons that they don’t have money and time. Yet, you must give precedence to travel. You ask why? Please read below:

Travel is always affordable

You may think that it is too early for you to think of overseas travel in your early twenties. You may want to save more money and then go around the world later. Nonetheless, you must remember that travel is more affordable than you think. You just need to remember two things in your regular life- save and sacrifice. When you sacrifice a few social gatherings, fast-food meals, and expensive transportation, you can save for a better travel life. Your friends may hate you for not attending their birthday parties or weekend night-outs, but they will be amazed in the end when they see you traveling.

Travel makes you leave the comfort zone

You have to cross the limits of your comfort zone when you travel, face unforeseen challenges, and take up a few activities that make the adrenalin rush in your body. Moreover, you must make constant challenging choices to improve yourself. What’s the use traveling hundreds and thousands of miles away from home when all you do is make similar choices? Travel makes you a more potent person than you ever were by the virtue of the activities you do.

Youth is the best time

When your body is at its peak of energy, you don’t need to think twice before doing anything. The energy in your body allows you to visit countless beaches in Bali, attend as many parties in London as you want, drive Self-Drive Cars in Kolkata to reach your favorite mountains, and eat the heaviest Punjabi food in Delhi. After doing all this in your early twenties, you can stand upright every day of your vacation and enjoy to the fullest. Once you cross your forties, it becomes really tough to even choose the kind of food that will suit your body.

Travel makes you more responsible

While living under the safe shelter of your parents, all you have to is eat, sleep, study, work a little, and just chill. You may never have to worry about anything serious in life. On the other hand, travel is quite opposite to what it seems. If you plan your vacations yourself, you have to plan everything on your own. You must book your travel tickets at the right time so that you do not waste money on over-expensive tickets, and do the same for hotels. You must be safe and sound at all times despite the adventures that you undertake. You must be in touch with your family and friends, whom you might take for granted otherwise. All these acts make you a responsible person and you learn to take your life in control. You learn not to blame circumstances or people for every unplanned occurrence.

After a few years of traveling, you may begin to love yourself, which is a good thing. Travel gives you the much-needed self-confidence, which you may not achieve while living a regular life. What are you waiting for? Make a plan and book your tickets! ASAP!

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I am fond of roaming with Self Drive Cars on my own for exploring the India. Here I want to share my experience and some advice while travelling which can help everyone while travelling anywhere in India.