Vinyl makes for an ideal material to go when it comes to the sidings of your home. It is partly due to their low cost and partly due to their durability. Plastic claddings are easy to manufacture than wood, metal or stone ones, and they come in many shapes and sizes. Because of their high durability factor, they usually last around 20 years or so, and you must perform a thorough cleaning of them periodically to avoid the problem of discolouration. Moreover, as they are part of the household exterior, they get exposed to elements. Therefore, they foster fungi, algae, dirt, insect remains, grime, soot, mould and many more contaminants as well as exhibit natural and artificial stains.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding With a Pressure Washer

You can try scrubbing your siding by hand, but using a pressure washer is always a good option. It is a much more comfortable and convenient option, and it performs the job beautifully. Contrary to a lot of videos available on the internet, you mustn’t apply focused spray pattern or a high pressure while washing your vinyl siding.

You can use a low pressure setting instead. Also, you would like to stand eight to ten feet far from the siding of your household. Don’t spray upwards because you would not want water flowing underneath your vinyl siding and dampening the woodwork. Make a cleaning solution that works for the stains as well as treats the house exterior for algae and mildews. The mixture should be mild and for general purpose use. You would want to pay additional attention to areas more infested by unwanted contaminants. After the cleaning is done, scrub the areas gently with a soft brush or sponge. Finish cleaning the siding with fresh tap water.

Power vinyl can be risky in the hands of the inexperienced. You should perform it yourself only if you know all the functions of a pressure washer. Or else, it is better to leave it at the hands of trained professional pressure cleaners at Sunshine Coast, who will perform a careful and thorough cleaning of your vinyl siding. Hiring a professional service member will eliminate the chance of any damage or dents to your vinyl siding that could have happened if you went DIY.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding Without a Pressure Washer

If you don’t want to consult professionals, try scrubbing your vinyl siding by hand to get a good enough result. Preferably use a brush with soft bristle to mitigate the chance of damage to the vinyl texture. For light natural stains, use a mixture of seventy per cent vinegar and thirty per cent water. Apply the mixture gently on the vinyl surface and scrub it off with the brush. If you can’t reach your vinyl siding high up to clean all of it, you can use log extensions or brushes with long handles. However, in these situations, it is best to hire a trained professional cleaner agency which performs soft washing and pressure cleaning in Sunshine Coast residencies. Invest in cleaning at least once in a year to prevent algae growth. A clean household makes for a healthy family. So, it’s best that you begin thinking about your next cleaning project now, in this very moment.

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