Since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, many changes happened in the year 2020—business meetings turned into online conferences, and physical stores turned into online shops. However, these changes made a positive and negative impact on businesses.

Some businesses were forced to close due to lockdowns. That’s why the world economic crisis kept rising. On the other hand, some companies that turned online saved more money than renting physical stores.

But despite these changes, one thing remained—the importance of business meetings. Without plans with your coworkers and team members, it would be challenging to rule out concrete projects.

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An online conference room is also helpful. Nevertheless, a physical meeting room comes with lot more advantages. Here they are:

1. Face-to-face Communication

You might say, “Video call is also a face-to-face communication.” However, when it comes to communication, it’s not all about the facial reaction. It’s also about the body language. You can understand what the other person is saying through interpreting behaviors.

Moreover, video call might have lapses and technical issues. A video might start buffering, or the face is not too clear. Through physical face-to-face, you can tell all the essential matters to your clients without these potential problems.

2. Build Business Partner Relationship

Being able to see your clients physically can make them feel you value their time and business. According to the Great Business Schools, 85% of the people who meet face-to-face have a higher chance of building a strong business relationship.

Showing your face to your clients and prospects presents that you are willing to put an effort to meet them and talk about business professionally.

3. Present Your Products and Services

You can indeed demonstrate your products and services through photos and videos. But letting your clients and prospective customers see them personally will bring a better impact to them.

Presenting them personally what the products can do and how they can solve their pain points might have a positive result. By seeing the client’s behavior and body language, you can easily find out their worries and see which presentation appeals to them the most.

4. Build Trust with Your Clients

It’s more challenging to trust a person you don’t know personally. That’s also true for your clients. Having them see you in front of them can give them a good impression.

You can dress up, enhance your tone of voice, and even practice professionalism when you are in the meeting room physically. Clearer communication leads to better business opportunities.

Although the pandemic is still here, you can set up business meetings in a venue with limited guests. In this matter, always follow the local protocols for everyone’s safety.
If a physical meeting is not yet possible, having a conference call will help you continue your business journey amidst the COVID-19.

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