Why People, who’s Lives Depend On Their Voice, Especially Singing Voice, Thinking That ENT Specialists Will Be Able To Conquer All Of Their Voice/Vocal Problems?

Getting all these inquiries, it never ceases to amaze me that (especially) singers rely on ENT specialists to treat and cure their singing voices...! The majority of the ENT’s (or speech therapists for that matter) never sung a note in their lives. And if so, how in the world are they going to restore your singing voice and teach you a proper vocal technique - so that you would comply with the standards of singing (let alone, professional singing) and never would ruin your voice ever again?

The majority of people are thinking, when something happens to their voice and they cannot speak or sing the way they used to, that the answer to that will lie at the ENT doctor’s office. Granted they could get some diagnosis (unfortunately, not always accurate) and the ENT specialists may give a suggestion for the invasive surgical intervention. There will be no other treatment, let along cure, provided. And that I can tell you, with absolute certainty. If it was otherwise, I, most likely, would be out of business.

Meanwhile, I am offering an alternative speech therapy and speaking voice application; and, needless to say, the unique and holistic approach to voice mechanics for singing.
I advocate my own vocal technique known as the Vocal Science™ Method – Copyrighted and Trademarked with the Government of Canada.
I can, somewhere there, understand when people who had never sung in their lives and being only concerned about their speaking voices, could think of attending the appointment with an ENT specialist, especially if their vocal problems had just recently begun.

However, I am getting a lot of clients with speech problems who went to ENT’s and speech therapists for years and never accomplished anything; and, needless to say, never found what they were looking for, i.e., an adequate treatment, let alone cure for their voice problem(s).

At the speech therapists offices, my (now) clients were busy blowing the bubbles and blowing into Kazoos. They were also busy doing lip-trills (which was drying up, even more, their already-disturbed vocal anatomy). Go figure!

Needless to say, they had never been shown how to properly use even speaking voice, let along singing voice, or vocal technique for that matter.

In order to cure one’s voice, the voice has to be extracted and lifted from the vocal box in order to be re-channeled to one’s facial cavities. In this instance, the facial muscles not only will be able to harbor one’s voice, but will be able to amplify it to the max; and mainly (and most importantly) will also be able to eliminate the pain and strain on the vocal anatomy.
In this instance, the pressure of the sound on the vocal anatomy will be extinct; and thus, “vocal rest” (in a manner of speaking) would be administered.

For those who have problems with breathing, which also could be associated with Asthma, the above could be a real positive life-altering endeavor.

The fact is that there are three components to the proper breathing mechanism:
• Lower abdomen – which supports the lift of the sound off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords.
• Upper diaphragm – which supports the body of the sound.
• The mouth breath – supported with the lower abdomen and upper diaphragm, which will be flying underneath of the sound and on a parallel track to it, propelling the sound forward to its aimed destination.

This type of breathing aids to asthma ( and other lung-related disorders ) a great deal; and I know for a fact that the doctors of pulmonology have been always surprised witnessing the increased capacity of my voice repair client’s newly-found breathing!

The above aforementioned technique (voice support and lift) will allow the natural herbs and remedies to work in its fullest healing capacity to treat, and possible cure, one’s voice disorder. However, the mechanical part of it is the main concern.

Just like a car which has an engine or transmission problem, cannot start running without the mechanics of it fixed. You can wash and polish this car all you want; but unless all of the mechanical parts are intact, the car will remain to be in the garage…

I hope that I made my point(s) clear...

So, on this note, I invite you to use your wisdom and take the above for thorough consideration. It will most likely speed up the recovery of your voice and your life in general.

Author's Bio: 

Diana Yampolsky is the Master Vocal Coach, Studio Vocal Producer, and Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist at The Royans Professional Vocal School and The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, in Toronto, Canada and worldwide. She is the sole creator of the Vocal Science (TM) method - Trademarked with the Government of Canada.

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