People commonly struggle with managing time since they fail to treat it like a business. It all comes down to planning the day in order to make the best use of time but sometimes 'life happens' and people fail to stick to the plan! This is why it is much like managing a business insofar as if you allow yourself to get flustered and deviate from your intended course you will NOT be successful!

Here are 3 simple steps that are required for anyone to be successful at making the best use of time that is available to them!


If you are not motivated enough to put in the minimal amount of effort required for planning the day then you will never learn how to make the best use of time that is made available to you! Everyday will be chaotic and non-productive resulting in you experiencing a growing level of stress and frustration. If you can't or don't get this right, your chances of success in just about any endeavor will be minimal at best! Sound scary well it is but it is something you can easily overcome with the smallest amount of effort!


This is another area where many fall short since they fail to stick to the plan they have made which is crazy. When you schedule your activities or map out your daily list of goals and objectives you do so to help better coordinate your efforts. If you intend to make the best use of time you WILL need to refer back to your schedule otherwise what was the sense of putting it together in the first place!


It is so important to realize every day offers something new and often times something unexpected. It's call life and everybody has to deal with it so when something does NOT go according to what you expected don't sweat it! Many people tend to get flustered and it is at this point they fail to stick to the plan! Maybe the day presented you a couple 'curve balls' but adapt as you see fit and you can compensate for what you didn't accomplish later on or on another day if necessary! Simple stay the course the best you can and continue on!

Managing time effectively comes right down to planning the day while maintaining realistic expectations! Of course to make this work you must stick to the plan to get the results you are looking for but sometimes life does get in the way! Always remember what you are trying to accomplish is to make the best use of time available but sometimes this availability will be altered! When this occurs you must adapt to any changes and stick to the plan you already have to accomplish what you can. The 3 steps discussed above focus on establishing your objectives, taking the necessary actions to reach them and remaining adaptable to any unforeseen changes as you go along! In this way you can make the best use of time you have available while not concerning yourself over the things you can't control but rather plan accordingly after they do occur!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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