Have you ever noticed how children’s books are illustrated? The illustrations are usually carefully chosen to complement the text and make it as appealing as possible to the young reader, usually defined as someone who is twelve years old or younger.
The book may relate to fiction, short stories, educational text books, posters picture books and others. Illustrators create artwork for both fictionstories and non-fiction books. They also provide the cover art for children’s books. UK Children’s illustrators are a special breed that brings words to life through their drawing talent.

Books are usually judged by their cover and content:

In children’s books, what captures the imagination of the child is the visual part of the book. Children tend to focus more on the illustrations that accompany a book as they are mentally geared to learn by seeing. With this in view, it makes sense to hire a UK children’s illustrator to professionally illustrate a young reader’s book.

Although illustrators work in many fields, they depend on their talent and training to produce their unique work. Some specialize in a particular type of drawing or medium and depending on the content, come up with the perfect complement. Popular artists are known for a particular style such as cartoons, pen and ink, line art or realistic figures and are much sought after by their clients for a specific style. In children’s books, in particular, pictures often replace text to bring life to the content, or add more pictures, imprinting the story or lesson indelibly in the child’s mind.

A UK Children’s illustrator helps to add meaning, helping the child understand and interpret the content better. For the child, the pages with characters and other elements come alive with meaning, helping them absorb and memorize what they see. The illustrations are done with a variety of media like paint, collage or even computerized art.

Hiring an illustrator

Children’s illustrators in the UK are invariably freelance artists who often work with the publishing industry on a variety of projects. Authors and publishing houses can contact them directly to commission their work. Some artists also receive a royalty for their published work while in some instances they are paid a fee or work on contract basis for their illustrations. There are also writers who illustrate their own work.

In most conventional books, artists are often hired by the publisher. They interpret and visualise based on the text given to them. They may or may not come in contact with the author. Today, self-publishing is very popular and writers prefer to hire freelance artists directly and work together. They are able to indicate the specific type of visual they want with their story, both for the cover art as well as the inside of the book so that they can get exactly what they want.

While it is not mandatory for a children’s illustrator in the UK to be formally trained, it certainly helps. Many are self-taught and attend classes in drawing and the creative arts. It is not unusual for self-taught artists to be brilliant at what they do. A look at their portfolio can give the prospective client an idea of how good they are. Their talent is also used by advertising agencies and marketers, besides children’s books.

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Dylan Gibson is a well known Childrens Illustrator UK with many years of experience in the field of visual arts. Dylan Gibson is a forerunner Illustrator UK region.