Many great reasons why people switch over from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes. E cigarettes really started to become popular in the UK. Everyone is looking to save money these days and extras such as smoking are often seen as unnecessary expenses. Primarily e-smoking has become increasingly popular as it is a cleaner smoke, contains flavors than tobacco cigarettes are. Rather than quit smoking altogether, as many simply don't want to, they opt for the cheaper alternative.

The ban and the resulting awareness from the change in legislation made normal smoking something of an anti-social habit because of toxic and effective smoke given that it was being made very clear that tobacco smoking was harmful to human’s health. In few years back there has been overwhelming evidence released which has proven without any doubt that tobacco smoking is seriously harmful to user’s health as well as being of those who were affected by second hand smoke or passive smoking. Normal smoking is most definitely not a sociable habit containing bad toxic smoke, especially in mixed groups where there are non-smokers.

This forms the baseline for most decisions to move over from tobacco to e cigarettes however it is not the only reason.

While the start up costs of e-cigarettes are higher than the start up costs of tobacco smoking also the price for cheap UK made e liquids, which will be on an introductory rate of £4.99 for 5 x 10ml bottles, one of the cheapest in the UK by far! The costs of normal smoking is also increasing rapidly, with extra taxes adding to their price while electronic cigarettes seem to be becoming cheaper, with great deals being available on the internet and additional ranges so that electronic cigarettes smokers may tailor their e-smoking enjoyment to their budget.

Smoking tobacco will lead to damage the health of those who come in contact with it in a passive way. This information being commonly known and understood smoking around others who don't smoke.

E-cigarettes don't contains the cancer-causing chemicals tobacco cigarettes do, don't wear people's clothes, their house and the area around them with an unpleasant smell and they aren't seen as unsociable. The majority of electronic-smokers have followed the trend of taking their e-cigarettes to other people who don’t smoke /away from others within a closed area to smoke e-smoking is not tarred with the normal clean cigarettes smoke by any means not leaving ash, cigarette butts or packaging debris in their wake like normal cigarettes do is another point for this type of smoking alternative.

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