Today around us we have quite a mix of people, where many are really kind and nice with others, however there also is a category of rude morons. Yes we can just not escape this lot; we have always had them in our life to add to our troubles but our challenge lies in dealing with rude people successfully.
Rudeness has different degrees. Some people might not smile or greet when you walk in or they might not show basic courtesy like sharing with others, this is a mild form of rudeness, which I won’t say is OK, but still harmless to the other person. On the other hand there are instances where rudeness gets to such an extent of cruelty and aggressiveness towards the other person and that I would say – Is a serious problem.
The people who are rude are more often than not aware about it, yet they continue with the same. Read below to know the psychology behind this rude behaviour:-

1.Rudeness being perceived as powerfulness – Rude people are not exactly the approachable type and therefore others would obviously like to keep minimal transactions with them. Others want to avoid confrontation with a rude person out of irritation and dislike, but rude people like to think that it is out of fear that others prefer to stay away. This is a wishful thinking that is very popular amongst rude people.

2.Rudeness makes a person look COOL – Breaking rules, picking on someone in public, arguing even after being wrong are all kinds of rude behaviour but it is also thought of as taking a dare. Like a teenager acting in similar way might earn respect from his peers as sign of boldness. Wanting to earn such reputation make person rude.

3.Negative trait – If a person is jealous or insecure from within, will express rudeness on the outside. Such a person might like to put others down to feel satisfied about being above them. It is a way of venting out the negative energy within.

Also rude behaviour always gets attention is public, as it is so weird. So some people have this mentality that since they don’t get attention otherwise, they try to rise by pulling someone down. Well I would say it works, yes it does give them negative publicity.

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