Online mobile recharge is said to be the best option that is more convenient and safe method. One can make payment through credit card, net banking, or debit card and use efficient and powerful security measures in order to ensure maximum account security and transactions. It comes with firewalls and encryption codes to provide maximum protection against malwares. Hence mobile recharge through recharge websites is secure and safe process.

A lot of certified and licensed mobile recharge sites are there and recognized by world-renowned certification authorities. These sites are fully equipped with modern and extensive security features along with 128 bit encryption and multilayered sophisticated architecture to maintain data confidentiality. Most financial institutions and banks use these security measures on their server to provide secure and safe online transactions.

Security Measures Applied by Online Recharge Sites

TAN/PIN System – This system is widely used for security reasons in which PIN indicates password protection for login and TAN is used for providing one-time passwords (OTP) to authenticate online transactions. With this dual security system, the online transaction can become more secure than authentication with single password. For applications in online banking, it adds more security.

PIN/TAN system is used in several online banking solutions. It is used via your browser and uses secured SSL connections.

2FA or Two-Factor Authentication – This system is mostly used to secure transactions in online banking over the web. Customers are required to use double authentication with an attempt to improve transaction security. It consists of transaction password and login password in order to access your account.

In this system, user accounts are automatically locked in case a person enters wrong password and id for three times. With this feature, security can be improved and fraudulent transactions can be improved.

Signature-based Protection – In this system, all online transactions are digitally encrypted and signed.

Encryption – There are encryption keys for encryption and signature generation. These keys are stored on any memory device like smartcards according to solid implementation.

With HTTPS protocol, all the transaction details are given and carried out via secured payment gateway. The request signed is also used to validate the payment page request for the result. The system verifies the IP address of requesting server in order to validate the given payment request.

3-D Secure Protocol – It also increases security when it comes to pay online. VPA or Virtual Payer Authentication can be done with it and it is branded as “Verified by VISA,” “MasterCard Secure Code,” and “J/Secure by JCB. This way, each other’s identity is verified by the providers involved in transactions.

These above are the security measures used by online recharge sites nowadays. There is no reason to get tensed if you have one of these types of protection measures in online recharge websites. So, while looking for online mobile recharge over the web, make sure the website uses one of these security procedures. They can provide transaction security and give you the way to secure mobile recharge.

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