Online alcohol delivery business is one of the top revenue-driving business domains in today’s world. Lots of customers in the world are looking to order their alcohol on the internet are rising rapidly. Entrepreneurs, startups are looking to start their companies by using this ready-made online alcohol delivery script. Our alcohol delivery script consists of three stakeholders customers, admin, and delivery boy, etc. Here are some of the most important features of an online alcohol delivery script.
Features of an online alcohol delivery script:
Login / Register / Social-media logins
Alcohol order scheduling
Advanced search option
Alcohol switch shop status
Advanced payment options
Reviews and ratings
Login / register / social-media logins:
Our online alcohol delivery script consists of the separate registration of alcohol shop, delivery boy, etc. We also provide social-media login via using Facebook, Google.
Alcohol order scheduling:
A customer can order their schedule alcohol according to their delivery date and time. This option helps customer schedule their orders. 
Advanced search option:
Each customer can search the alcohol on the website and mobile apps. Our alcohol delivery script is available with advanced search filter options based on alcohol brands, quantity, etc. 
Alcohol switch shop status:
One of the main stakeholders of our online alcohol delivery script is an alcohol store. An online alcohol delivery partner can switch their shop online /offline easily. 
Advanced payment option:
Our online alcohol delivery script is available with an advanced payment option with PayPal, and Brain tree payment gateway. We have a wallet payment option to help customers and alcohol shops.
Review and Ratings:
A customer can leave ratings and reviews for the corresponding alcohol shop and delivery boy.
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Online Alcohol delivery business is one of the best online based business to start among the startups, and entrepreneurs.