If you've been thinking about writing a book for a long time, then you're definitely not alone. It's one of those projects that can easily be put off so more immediate things can get done. I know I tend to put things off (especially big things) unless I have a compelling reason to do it now.

For example, we've been talking about adding a garage onto our house since we moved in (years ago!). We never had a compelling reason to take on such a big project until we found out we were having another child. Then we knew we needed the extra space, and the garage became a priority. Now we have a garage!

A client of mine, another example, had put her book off for years until she found out one of her colleague/competitors was doing a book. Suddenly, she realized she'd be left behind if she didn't get hers done too. As silly as that may sound, it's a pretty compelling reason to stop thinking and start doing.

Today, for many self-employed professionals, the biggest priority on our list is getting clients and taking action to ensure our business stays successful for the long-term. For many, the past year or so has been a real struggle, and those who've survived the downturn don't want to do that again. If this sounds familiar, now is the ideal time to get your book done so it can work for your business as a long-term client attraction strategy.

Authors-all coaches, professionals, consultants, and speakers-surveyed by RainToday for The Business Impact of Writing a Book reported that writing and publishing a book made a huge difference in their visibility, income, and business success.

96 percent said having a book positively influenced their business;
96 percent generated more clients;
94 percent generated more leads;
87 percent could charge higher fees;
87 percent attracted a more desirable client base;
And 76 percent closed more deals.

One respondent even said she'd never had a shortage of clients since writing and publishing her book. These statistics have been out for a year or so, but they're still amazing! Particularly when self-employed professionals, coaches, and consultants are looking for ways ensure long-term success for their business.

A book has always been, and will always be, one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to attract attention to yourself and your business. I tell people all the time, "Nothing says 'expert' like a book." It not only helps you get out there, but it also allows you to share your experiences and expertise with more people who really need your help.

So what can you do right now to make progress and get your book done? Start with one small thing. Pull out your calendar and schedule an hour of writing time. Take twenty minutes to brainstorm everything you want to cover in your book. Flip to a fresh page in your journal, let your imagination go, and free-write your big vision for your book-including celebrity endorsements, national TV appearances, and raving book reviews.

Do something that brings you one step closer to getting that book done--FINALLY! A book with your name on it is a marketing heavy-hitter. But if you never write it, your book won't ever work for you and your business. So get moving!

Author's Bio: 

Melinda Copp helps aspiring self-help, business, and nonfiction authors write and publish compelling books to establish expertise, attract clients and opportunities, and that they're proud to share with the world. Visit http://www.writerssherpaprograms.com/writeabook.html for a free copy of her Jumpstart Your Book E-course.