In the world of website content writing, writing is no longer a necessity. With the advent of modern transcription technology, people can now talk to the computer which in turn will do all the typing. This has brought ease and relief to many article writing professionals worldwide who have embraced this software with open arms. One important factor for the popularity of transcription software is it can type up to 250 words in a minute. This is much more then what an average human being can type. An average human can type up to 80 words per minute. No doubt this software is so popular!

There are three different ways in which you can use the transcription software in article writing. The first one is to utilize small handy recording machines known as memo recorders. You can install a microphone in your computer and use the recorder as a digital voice recorder. Once the voice has been captured, you can send these to a transcription company who will convert the voice into text. However, you have to pay for the service.

However, if you plan on using this technique for article writing, there are a few drawbacks that you must keep in mind. They are:

• You cannot edit your work as you continue with article writing if you take the help of modern transcription services. You will have to wait for the transcription company to complete the conversion and send it to you. This will waste a lot of your time and you will have no other choice. It is much more convenient if you are content writing and editing at the same time. But with a modern transcription service in the picture, you will not have the option to choose.

• Do not expect a free service. In the content writing business, a modern transcription company will charge a minimum of $60 to $120 for every hour of service. Some of these companies do not charge in an hourly basis but charge on the book as a whole. To convert a standard sized book from audio to text, you might have to shell out anything around $200 to $250. This is expensive when compared to regular prices charged by professional website content writing companies. There will surely be other companies that will offer the same service at a cheaper rate. But the quality of service provided will not remain the same.

• The conversion from audio to text is not always error free. You will definitely find many errors with the article writing after you have received your book. This will increase your editing work ten folds and this will definitely be irritating. Apart from the normal grammatical mistakes, there might me mistakes with sentence construction and spelling as well. Apart from these, mistakes with punctuation are a common phenomenon with article writing by transcription professionals.

Well, these are three of the many problems that you might face if you plan to go for article writing the shortcut way. There is no doubt in the saying that old is always gold!

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