Today, the lively spring tea is almost coming to an end. During the period, many guests who booked spring tea will rush, saying: The tea is good before the tea, and your tea is ten days after the tea. After picking for more than ten days, how come my tea has not arrived yet.

Not all teas germinate before tomorrow.
The tea trees in the core tea area of Yunnan are basically grown at more than a thousand meters above sea level. When the temperature and humidity have not reached the germination and leaf opening, Mingpu is only a prelude to small tree tea or low altitude tea for Puerh tea.

Not all teas are new.

Just like Puerh tea and white tea can only be scored up to 50 points if not put in a month after the initial production.
Puerh tea is post-fermented tea. Whether it is a greening or baking process, the polyphenols, aldehydes, alcohols and other substances in the freshly prepared tea have not undergone changes in volatilization and oxidation. The green flavor and astringency, the aroma is also concentrated, not to mention the charm, at this time, you can only drink up to half the normal score of this tea.

Three-point raw materials, three-point process, three-point storage.

Puerh tea is not good for any part that is not done well.
The unique highland forest ecological environment, abundant sunshine, and world tea sources ensure the uniqueness of Puerh tea raw materials and the unique flavor; the ancestors handed down the manual techniques and the new equipment and new technology to introduce the controlled production, through the low temperature killing to retain the later active transformation Space allows Puerh tea to be stored while drinking; Puerh tea's greatest value is reflected in storage and transformation, fading in January, fragrance in March, three, ten, twenty years... Drink Puerh taste.

New tea is more irritating to the body and should not be drunk.
The freshly processed Puerh new tea has a high content of caffeine, active alkaloids, etc. It is easy to stimulate the stomach and intestines, and it is easy to excite the nervous system. It is best to relax when drinking.

So ah, Puerh tea shouldn't keep up with the new.
After waiting for a month, you can meet your favorite taste.

The area of Yunnan tea area is so large, and the altitude difference is also so large. The first wave of spring tea picked early will be available for drinking in a month; the late picking will continue, please wait.

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