The first step before publishing a WordPress website is to select the appropriate subject. This is very important and it is very important that this topic has been developed according to the requirements of SEO.

Many WordPress topics are declared as "search engine optimization-enjoyable", however, if you are not a developer or SEO expert, then it is difficult to underline the topic which makes its details healthy.

We propose that you consult a SEO expert before deciding on wordpress theme, whether it is a loose or premium version.

When you need knowledge, read the advice from high-quality search engine optimization experts for WordPress and try to examine the subject matter for yourself.

Avoid these errors:

  • Enter the name of the website in the name tag first place
  • Including a static meta description tag - it is shown on every page
  • Use of static robot meta tags - Tags like "index, compliance" that work for engines like Google. If we need to create some pages through the plugin, which are "noidnex", with the purpose that due to this tag it is no longer possible
  • Using H1 tags for the logo on every web page - This is a very good example of this tag, so it should be best used to identify the web page. Google Web page suggests the best one H1 tag, so do not waste it on the symbol.
  • Setting up a hidden link in the subject matter - a hyperlink in the foot step is sufficient and it belongs to the subject's author.
  • Sidebar below the content of the page - the content of the page is predecessor in the HTML code. The use of the sidebar depends on the type of web page, although the content is no longer below the content.

Subject must present:

  • To show taxonomic details - The maximum number of taxonomy files present the best current post for the particular category and they do not have any precise content. This feature is included in WordPress so the subject should display details, with taxonomic identification in the H1 tag.
  • Demonstration of collection fragments - Archive page with full publication, which are not desirable for search engine optimization at all. It can be desirable if it is done for some posts on the home web page, but it is not encouraged for information.
  • Breadcrumbs - A great way to create an appropriate size of internal links and to simplify Google's users and engines to navigate through the website. It is necessary that they also do painting for classification.
  • Use identification as an anchor text content first - it is not supported to examine "maximum" text content as the first anchor text for the putty.
  • Code transparency - The subject matter code has to be readable and fast loading because it is possible for miles and the search engine should be easy to use.

There is no need to include the tasks in the subject matter, which is not necessary as the identification and addition of the framework, due to the fact that there are already some good plugins provided for it.

Before you decide the subject matter before the final decision to test these items:

  • Theme loading velocity (in some case cases there is a large variety of JS which is loading slowly)
  • Responsive layout (showing theme on exceptional display screen size)
  • Consumer enjoyment and website architecture (the important aspect kept in mind by Google)
  • Compatibility with social networks (Social media is the key element for SEO - allowing to connect cleanly with social media web sites)

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