Let me give you a strong reason why we should be grateful for everyday. Because the moment you open your eyes each day. It is a gift from god to you. You are still alive and that it is a given.

Everybody is given a brand new day. Everybody is given another day to love. Everybody is given another day of hope. Everybody is given another chance to do whatever they have failed to accomplish. Everybody applies to those who are still alive. For those who are chosen to leave this place, do not have this privilege and do not have any second chance. They passed on in regrets or fulfilment.

By being grateful, we will treasure the things around us. You will learn to appreciate life in a better way. Treat others better and find yourself in a better mood every day. When you are thankful and grateful for the things you have. The universe tends to give you more of it because you appreciate it.

Let’s talk of an example. Each day when you wake up, you find at least 1 thing to be grateful for your personal health. Your body will feel appreciated and as you give thanks to any part of your body, you can feel it radiating with energy. Try saying thank you to every cell and blood in your body and you will feel it.

By being thankful and grateful to your personal health, you are focusing your attention on it and you would want to have a better well being for your health. You will want to eat healthier food to nourish your body. After all, the body is the temple of your soul. You have to treat it well so that it can carry you a longer journey in life.

When you face problems in life, be thankful and grateful for it too. It is a way of life to allow you to grow from. It is designed specifically for you so that you will be stronger and wiser for any problems coming your way. You are like a strong oak tree, facing the harsh weathers time to time, after each storm, you will grow stronger and strengthening your foundations for the next harsh weather.

Do this every morning, when you wake up spend just 1 to 2 minutes to be thankful and grateful for anything in your life. Before you sleep each night, spend another 1 or 2 minutes to pray or say thanks and you will a beautiful night’s rest. Spiritual well being is definitely important in our life. What is stopping you now? You have 1440 minutes a day, just spend 4 minutes of your time can be one of the best investment you have done for yourself.

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Jimm Yim is an author of What is Stopping You Now? You may visit his site at http://www.WhatisStoppingYouNow.com

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