No one has the goal of becoming a “starving artist” in music. Making enough money to pay the bills in music is a worthy goal for many, but is it enough? For many musicians, simply making enough money to get by will NOT help them achieve their ultimate musical goals.

These are the fundamental reasons why you should be trying to make as much money as possible in music (rather than just “getting by”):

More opportunities are given to musicians who make tons of money.

It’s much more likely that you will take the right actions to help music companies earn more money when you already are doing it yourself. Helping others make money in the music business is crucial to increasing your amount of perceived value. When you already make a lot of money (and help others do it too), your perceived value skyrockets and you gain all kinds of opportunities to work with successful musicians, bands and companies.

Musicians who are tons of money have infinitely more freedom.

Let’s face it: no matter what you do for a living, having more money gives you more freedom. When a musician is earning tons of money, he/she no longer has to worry about problems such as paying bills, catching up on debts or putting food on the table. Without these problems, you are able to prosper and grow your music career fast.

When you make as much money as you want in music, you can take time off to tour whenever you want, make sure your recordings are all high quality, work with expert session musicians, make professional music videos and many other things that other musicians can’t do.

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