The bloom of youth Youths are in the vulnerable period of life called the bloom of youth. During this period, they may feel powerful surges of sexual desire. Nothing is wrong with this as it's just part of a growing up person. But therein lies a big problem with teenage dating because during this same period, they turn to get involve in dating as a means to satisfy their sexual desires.
Why other youths date

There are many factors that can influence youths to date. One example maybe when, from left to right, everyone around is talking about date, in school, friends are talking about date appointment to catch. For some, they feel pressure to date because they don't want to be perceived differently especially in front of those who do. Others may date due to self-desire for warmth and affection.

Loneliness, staying away from loved ones may cause some to date since they needed the company of someone. However, what justification could it be between two people of the opposite sex spending lot of time together other than to investigate the possibilities of marriage? In the long run, dating for any other purpose is likely to result in fun.
Much company with the opposite sex

Based on psychology, the more company a person has with the opposite sex, the more his sexual desire grows. For example, When Boris started dating Laura, they did not even hold hands. They just wanted to enjoy the company of each other. As time goes on, they started holding hands and kissing each other.

Boris admitted that "This created within me a strong anxiety for sex. It affected my thinking to the point that, I wanted to be with Laura not just to talk, but to hold her, touch her, and kiss her. I was literally going crazy with passion." As you can see, there are many reasons that can cause a youth to start dating. I decided to write on the above examples because those are the main causes for youths' dating.

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