Mobile industry is growing rapidly and app stores are jam-packed with lots of mobile applications that strive to attract user attention. Every year millions of applications are developed and still less than 1% of these apps are said to be successful. So, in today’s saturated market, what does it take to develop a successful mobile app?

App’s success or failure is beyond a bug or defect that can be improved. Also there are some common issues that cause an app to fail. Knowing these issues and avoiding it will help your app to succeed. It will also help you to proceed wisely and look for the signs of things that could take a nasty turn. Market competition is high and failure is not always a result of getting lost in the noise. Many organizations look for guidance as they want to understand the reasons for app failure. If you are one of them, then you are at the right place. Here we’ll discuss the common reasons that will help you to understand the app failure.

Top Reasons Of Mobile App Failure-
1. Poorly Research About Market & Audience-
Some of the companies build a mobile application of their own without carrying proper research. As a mobile app development company, you should always search for what your competitors are doing. This will keep you ahead with the latest trends, and also you will realize that the details you know about are genuine. Technology market is consistently evolving and app developers should always keep themselves upgraded with the modern trends. Before starting development of app, analyze the similar apps developed by competitors and try to find out the defects in them so that you can address them in your development.

Launching a product to market should be an iterative process to validate the assumptions related to user behavior and product. It is good for continuously meeting the needs of users and maintaining engagement. There are a few questions that every developer should think about, for instance:

Is there any market for my app or not?
Can this app solve customers’ problems?
Who is my competitor?
Are there no apps that perform similar functions?
Would your customers like to use it or not?
Explore the market through MVP(minimum viable product). MVP is a process designed to identify user pain points and determine the appropriate functionality to address those needs over time. Building a MVP provides quick market entry and a basic user experience that allows organizations to figure out how users respond to the application’s main purpose, and with this understanding, make logical decisions about how to achieve both business and product objectives.

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