You get a lot of guitar students by not making the same excuses as most guitar teachers. When you believe there is an excuse (outside your control) for your failure to get students, you never take the action needed to get them. Understanding why these excuses are wrong makes it easier for you to get more guitar students.

Here are common excuses for why guitar teachers can’t get students and why they are wrong:

Excuse: “I can’t get very many guitar students because the city I live in is not big enough.”

Reality: Living in a small city does NOT prevent you from getting guitar students... if anything, it makes it easier for you to become known as the #1 local guitar teacher. This gives you better opportunity to dominate the market, since anytime someone wants to learn guitar they come to you.

Excuse: “I don’t have a music degree. This is why students don’t take lessons with me.”

Reality: The majority of guitar students do not care if you have a music degree. The only thing they care about is: “can you give me the RESULTS I want?” Convince them of this, then get them started taking lessons and achieving their musical goals.

Excuse: “I don’t have many students because people can’t afford to take guitar lessons due to a bad economy.”

Reality: Regardless of the economy, there are ALWAYS people willing to pay good money to take guitar lessons. Become clear on the value you offer to potential students and explain to them why taking lessons with you helps them become great players. Then charge based on the value you are offering (they will pay it!).

Bottom Line:

You can and should have more students RIGHT NOW. The real reason you don’t have more students is that you don’t have the right strategies in place that help you get it done.

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