Why Most Guitar Teachers Are Unable To Help Their Students Make Progress

By Tom Hess

When you don’t help your guitar students make tons of progress, they don’t become better players, stop taking lessons and your reputation as a teacher suffers. There are 3 mistakes most guitar teachers make that you might be making with your students.

Avoid these three mistakes so you can teach your guitar students more effectively:

Mistake #1. They Don’t Tailor Guitar Lessons To A Student’s Mindset

Some students are very strong-minded, can handle higher expectations from you and will do what you tell them to do. Others (the majority) are weak-minded: have self-doubt about their potential, feel insecure and get frustrated easily. Each mindset requires a different strategy to get effective results.

While teach your guitar students, stay aware of which type you are working with. Help students with self-doubt or insecurity by building their confidence with frequent victories in their playing. This helps them understand that they truly can master things on guitar and slowly helps them become more strong-minded.

Mistake #2. They Don’t Focus On Solving Students’ Problems

A lot of guitar teachers do not solve their students’ problems effectively. Instead, they simply give them more exercises to practice. Giving your students a lot of stuff to practice without addressed their core problem becomes overwhelming for them and causes tons of frustration.

Rather than simply giving your students more new things to learn or practice, help them fix problems they have in their current playing. Think creatively to make exercises out of the things they struggle with to help expose and fix their mistakes.

Mistake #3. They Show Them What To Do, But Never Walk Them Through The Process Of Doing It Right

Guitar students make the most progress in between lessons not during lessons. Yet, most guitar teachers simply show their students what to do and assume they’ll practice correctly at home. When students are left to practice on their own, they often do things wrong and their improvement is very slow.

Show your students exactly how to practice the things you teach them during the lesson. Make sure they can practice correctly on their own before they leave.

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