Are you considering buying a detached garage, or do you already have one and want to renovate it? Buying a garage or renovating it is a big decision, and you might want to weigh all the options available. There are various sizes, shapes, and of course, prices to consider. But one of the most important decisions you have to make is the material of the portable garage. Either you go with the metal or a wooden one.

It may seem like a difficult decision, but the choice becomes easy considering and weighing the benefits of a strong metal garage over a wooden structure.

To help you make an easy decision, the article compares the advantages you can get by choosing a metal garage over a traditional garage.


Metal garage structures take very little effort and time to get constructed. This saves not only valuable time but also money. At the same time, wooden-based garages need full architecture design, extra materials, and conserving agents, increasing the material and labor cost involved. Generally, people save 50% of the amount when they get a metal garage instead of the typical wooden detachable garage. Hence, if you want to have a good garage for a fraction of the total cost incurred, a metal garage is surely your go-to option.

Easy To Install

Metal is lighter than wood; it makes it easy to move and handle. Metal structures, owing to their lightweight nature, take less time and effort to get installed. Many carport manufacturers now offer metal installation kits at very reasonable prices. It contains several metal parts and various options for you to DIY (do it yourself) the installation of your metal garage.

While on the other hand, wooden structures are heavy and need more people to handle and move them, along with needing the carpenter’s expertise for installation. Moreover, it cannot withstand heavy winds, so the temperature may be problematic to install and keep in place for a long time.


Home garages are made to withstand extreme weather conditions with an expected functional span of 20-years. A home garage should be as secure as a home. There are no certainties with the wooden garages. If you are unaware of the typical structure installation problems and enter the temporarily feasible world, you are fraught with problems. Termites, molds, warps, rotting are all the possible problems that come with the wooden garage and not to mention the difficult cleaning process.

Steel garages are easier to clean and resist any mold and bacteria attacks. The metal structure with a little maintenance and paint can look new for years.


Wooden garages with their rigid plan of action limit a lot of your future opportunities. While the metal garages can be installed at any place where there is a flat surface. Garage builders in Edmonton like Stahl Storage

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On the other hand, wooden sheds and garages, although they come in various sizes, are not fit for storage because they are prone to damage during harsh climatic conditions. You don’t want your equipment to have fungus all over it when you take it out after the rainy seasons.