Virtually all men understand and admit that infidelity is inappropriate. Nevertheless they still do it regardless. Females cheat too. However the numbers inform us that males are more likely to cheat than women.

The question of why men cheat is definitely an age-old puzzle that we most likely can answer now. A write-up published by a psychology website attributes being unfaithful to testosterone. The post states that only 3% of all mammals will be monogamous and we aren't part of that small group. It appears that guys are meant to cheat.

A number of men are enslaved by unfaithfulness in the same manner alcoholics are addicted to drinking, based on a well known health website. Addictive problems are often curable when the patient is willing to stop. However cheating could be so enslaving that men will not often be ready to quit.

For quite a few men, cheating could be a way out of the marital relationship when they grow tired of the marriage. You can say this for some women too. The fact is that infidelity, in cases like this, is simply a signal of an even bigger issue. Something can be carried out to make the married couples recall the feelings that they had for one another when the relationship was brand new.

Typically, married couples forget about the love that they feel for their spouse and infidelity will at times force them to remember the love which they feel for each other. You'll probably be surprised to find out that more than 50% of married couples choose to stay together despite an extramarital relationship. What is more surprising is that a great deal of couples who elect to stay with each other after cheating report a higher level of joy when compared to people who decide to proceed with divorce. People who stayed with their unfaithful spouse are discovered to be more pleased in comparison with those who got a divorce and remarried.

Interest towards the opposite sex is normal for both women and men. We're intelligent beings who do not merely rely upon our instincts or hormones to make choices. We have the capacity to make our very own decisions in spite of how much hormones we have.

You may ask: “can I actually save my marriage after my spouse cheats on me?” and the answer is certainly. There are many married couples who have regained their marriages successfully. But you need to realize that it will require a lot of strength to fix a relationship troubled by cheating. The only real condition is that both spouses should be ready to exert effort to save the marriage. We aren't mere animals who only follow our instincts. We possess intellects that tell us precisely what is right and what is wrong.

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You'll find many reasons why men cheat. Just click here to find out more. Don’t ask anyone else to ‘save my marriage’.