Divorce rates have been increasing ever since it was legalized by the government authorities. Earlier the divorce used to require a spouse to present evidence showing their partner was in fault during the marriage, and on the basis of evidence, the divorce used to be finalized. But today the system has changed and the process has become much easier without the need of proof of fault from the other party. Due to the easy process and changed lifestyles, many couples demand a divorce based on unimportant or insignificant reasons. For some people getting through healthy divorce gets easier because of mutual understanding and needs but in some of the cases, it becomes inevitably ugly for lots of reasons. Moreover, for some people splitting up is a grief-filled experience full of genuine loss and wonderful opportunities.

The adaption of a new lifestyle and thinking process creates a number of possibilities for issues to up grow. According to the researchers, some of the major reasons for divorce nowadays are infidelity, substance abuse, lack of communication and commitment, financial problems and too much conflict and arguing. Here are some of the reasons which might help one to determine if they should divorce their partner or not.

a. One must consider divorce as a option if the spouse is negligent

Getting married to a person, who is completely negligent towards his or her responsibilities and relations, can be really daunting. It gets quite tougher to manage life when you are left alone to take care of the family and the expenses amidst the feeling of being alone in life. If your spouse shows no interest in mending the differences or splitting up the responsibilities, it gets really tough to manage the situation and build the wonderful life everyone desires of or consider as life goals.

Even after giving some options and chances if there is no improvement from the other side there is no reason to sticking with person legally who has no influence in your life or is emotionally unavailable and avoid taking on the responsibilities. Filling a divorce might help one explore better options in life.

b. In no case, one should bear the physical or mental abuse

There are some people who don’t feel like leaving the abusive partner as they think it is their responsibility to help them in the worse state of life. The abusers deserve to be alone and he/she doesn’t need you because in another case he/she would have made effort to treat you with respect rather than putting out his frustration. There is no excuse which can compensate the mental or physical abuse done by the spouse. It is better to file a divorce to preserve own safety and get rid of the abusive relationship.

c. Avoid continuing the relationship with addict or cheater

In no case a relationship can grow into a prosperous and healthy one if any of the partners is indulge with addiction or is cheating on other. In both the cases, it becomes really hard for the partner to deal with complete scenario especially after knowing it. Such scenarios create a big difference and gap in a relation which exaggerates with time and mending it becomes impossible. After realizing you have been cheated on there is no need to give such person a second chance. The person needs to be kicked out of the life ASAP.

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