Many businesses rely on using brochures and similar literature as their main form of marketing. Brochures can be a good thing in many cases, but they can also be dangerous things to use, and they could actually hurt your business more than help. You may be surprised to learn this, but studies show that if you are dependent on brochures, you are missing out on many other marketing opportunities. Here are some of the ways that brochures can hurt rather than help your business:

You get lazy when you rely on brochures: When you use brochures, you often let them do all of the talking for you and you just sit back and wait for customers to come to you. The best way to get the sales you want is to actually talk to people in person, and be your own brochure. You have a wealth of information to impart, and it is going to be much more effective if that information comes straight from the horse's mouth than from a brochure. You can still use brochures as a part of your marketing campaign, but remember that the best way to get the customers you want is to get out there and meet with them. Talk to them about their needs, and help them find the best ways to use your products to help them.

Brochures are cold and impersonal: When you send out a brochure, the information is often sterile, and there is not the personality you bring to meetings yourself. There is no heart in a brochure, and there is no opportunity for customers to be able to express their needs to you in person. When you meet with people in person, you can find ways to overcome their objections. If you send them a brochure, it will often just be thrown away, so all you have really done is wasted money having your brochures made, and time sending them out, so as a bare minimum always follow up anyone who you have sent a brochure to.

Printing brochures is not cheap: Printing costs can be pretty expensive, and the more information, colour and graphics you use in your brochures, the more printing is going to cost you. Considering that a lot of people do tend to throw away brochures without bothering to look at them, you are actually spending a lot of money for nothing. To make things even worse, the money you spend on these potentially low value, low return brochures is going to really eat into your profits. You can save a lot of money by actually meeting with prospective customers and presenting your sales pitch in person, and you will get much better results. Your website is even more effective than brochures, and probably a lot less expensive.

Brochures can be effective, and they are a good marketing tool for most businesses. You just need to know where they will work, and where you should be using in-person sales techniques to gain new customers.

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