Every year about mid February I notice indicators of drama starting to emerge. The extra pounds from over indulging during the holidays have your pants fitting a bit too tight. You only worked out two days since your New Year’s resolution to get fit once and for all, but the big snow kept you trapped at home with kids who were out of school for snow days.

Business slows to a snail’s pace. Budgets are tight, and everyone has something to sell, but no one wants to buy.

Your piles of mail remind you that taxes are due. So is your car insurance. Oops, here’s that yearly assessment to fill out once again. Didn’t I just do that about a week ago?

That is why I started Stop Your Drama Month in March. Here are some other reasons.

Three More Days
March has 31 days whereas February has only 28. This gives you three more days to create joy. Three more days to act on a great idea. Three more days to have some fun. Three more days to catch up on some phone calls to friends. Three more days to do whatever you want or need to do.

One More Month
There is one more glorious month in the first quarter. If your business was slow, you were lazy or depressed, or just work better under pressure; you now have all the motivation you need. Just thirty days to turn things around. That alone can be enough motivation to create renewed energy for everyone.

More Light
January and February are extremely dark. Some of us get seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. The darkness can make us prone to depression due to not getting enough sunlight. In March the days slowly start getting longer, and this is a sign that spring really will return once again. Sometimes we even get a few warm days as added proof.

Joy of Anticipation
Lots of people dread the holidays, or dread winter, but I don’t know of anyone who dreads spring. With the proof of spring on the way we get to experience anticipation of joy instead of the anticipation of dread.

No Gifts to Buy
Most holidays require you to either exert lots of energy by preparing a meal, looking for the right card, or buying something for someone. If you don’t do it right, or if you disappoint someone there is going to be some drama, in the form, of “You never fix the meal,” or “I already have that present,” or “We can’t be two places at once,” or “it’s not fair that we have to buy for everyone’s kids when we don’t have any.”

Stop Your Drama Month does not require you to spend money on anyone, prepare any meal, visit any relative, or do anything you don’t want to do.

Use Your Creativity and Stir Up Some Energy
If you have been in a negative state, if business is not going as well as planned, you can use Stop Your Drama Month to move some energy. Sometimes just movement creates excitement and business opportunities.

Of course you can choose to create your own traditions for Stop Your Drama Month. You can give something to your clients. You can celebrate with your staff. You can take an extra day off work. You could go get a massage. You can use the Stop Your Drama Month theme to offer promotions for your company!

In other words, you can become a creator and decide how to stir up some energy or some relaxation for yourself, your clients or your employees, if you so desire. What you focus on expands.

No Competition
Not only can you create your own way of celebrating that does not compete with anyone else…you don’t have to compete with other big holidays.

Almost every other month has a holiday to compete with it. January is New Years, February is Valentines, April is Easter, and May is Mother’s Day, June is Father’s Day, July is Independence Day. Well, you get the picture. In March you do have St. Patrick’s day and it is Women’s History Month, but besides that, March is fairly open, and that is why March is Stop Your Drama Month. What are you doing to celebrate Stop Your Drama Month?

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