These are quotes that I composed on my own. “Why love hurts quotes” conveys reasons why love hurts so badly beyond our expectations. Stick with me throughout this article so that you can learn and enjoy it.

These are the quotes;

Why Love hurts quotes.

Love hurts because it’s precious. Love is something precious that everyone believes that there is something beautiful when it comes around.

Love hurts because it expects much.

When someone is in love so much, he or she usually expects much from the person he or she portrays love to. We all know what happens when you expect so much from love. The end outcome is heartbreaks.

Love hurts because it is rare.

Love is rare—this means that true love is very rare to be found. So, when anyone comes into the hold of it, it becomes very hard to let it go no matter how much it hurt him or her.

Love hurts because it’s jealous.
Jealousy is a sign of love. So, those who love harder are more jealous than those who loveless. Jealous people get hurt when they see the people they love with other people. That is why it hurts.

Love hurts because it’s special.
Love is super. It has qualities that can’t be found somewhere else. These features make it so special. Once a person is deprived of love, it hurts so badly.

Love hurts because it’s invisible.
Can any of you see love? Love is a feeling. We all know that love is invisible we can see it nor touch it. We only feel it from the words and actions of the people who claim they love us. Something invisible can hurt you so badly since you have no idea how to protect yourself from it.

Love hurts because it’s comprehensive.
Love contains so many feelings. It stretches to every corner of our lifestyles. It touches every relationship we involve ourselves in. So once we temper with it in any way. It will react by breaking every relationship and every feeling that we got attached to. Do you expect it to be gentle?

Love hurts because it’s expensive.
Love requires so much to be achieved. Love needs commitment, sacrifice, trust, and time. It takes so much before it’s fully built. Even if you give love all that it doesn’t mean it will be a whole. There is no guarantee. That is why it hurts when it’s broken. When someone thinks of all that he or she has given to love it hurts like hell.

Love hurts because it’s impatient.
Love is impatient. When someone sets his or her eyes toward something it will be very hard for him or her to let it walk away. We all know how people behave when they are in love. The word wait will have no meaning to them. I know the feeling when your crush has promised you a date early in the morning. You will hardly sleep.

It doesn’t wait to grow fully in someone’s heart. It rushes everything. That is why when a little detail is missed in it, it reacts by hurting. We both know there is a time when you can rush to make out with someone but later you found out that they had no same intentions as you. The outcome is a hurt break.

Love hurts because it’s so big.
Love is so big. It makes it hard for some people to handle it. We all know if something is beyond your reach and capability of handling it. A good example is the 50 kilogram of cement; can you carry it comfortably with your hands? It will lastly weigh on you and you have no choice but to drop it down. Let me say, what if someone else was expecting to carry it carefully for him or her. You will have hurt that person.

You have to understand that not all people have the ability to accommodate love in their lives. This makes it hard for them to find happiness and love in turn the love hurts them.

Love hurts because it’s focused.
Love needs focus. If you love one person, you should only lay your eyes on that one person. That is where the issue of trust comes in. Once a person is not focused or not settled then he or she will eventually hurt someone—love will hurt. Love aims at a single point, that why it hurts if that point is missed.

Love hurts because it is principled.
Love contains rules that govern it. For the safety of the lovers, these rules have to be followed accordingly. Negligence of the rules will cause pain and suffering to all lovers. Everyone knows these rules. Anything that you will make you keep a secret that is something that goes against the principles of love. I hope by now you understand that.

Love hurts because it comes from within.
Love comes from the heart. It’s within you. Anything that comes within you has the ability to hurt you so severely. Something that is within you It’s hard to get control of it.

Love hurts because it can change.
Love has the ability to change to hate. It can change from better to worst. These changes of love can hurt someone so badly since most people are used to the smooth flow of events in the relationship. When the flow of these events turns rough then here is when love hurts so gravely.

Love hurts because it’s unpredictable.
Things happen in a relationship when we least expect them. No one can predict what love might bring tomorrow. This nature of unpredictability makes it so too tough. With its toughness, it can hurt anyone no matter how strong he or she is. Since it’s unpredictable there is no way one may protect himself or herself from it. It leaves people vulnerable.

Love hurts because it’s stupid.
Love never thinks. It goes anywhere it’s told to go. It does not reason why it’s stupid. We all know anything that does not reason and doesn’t think has an ability to wreck you down without even realizing it. That is why it will always hurt.

We can also take on this quote on the matter of following in love with people who don’t deserve to be beloved. People don’t want to be told negative things about the people they are completely in love with. It can be the whole truth that the person someone is dating is the wrong person. Since love is stupid, it will blind that person and completely fail to see the truth. Later on, that person comes to regret when everything in that relationship goes sideways.

Love hurts because it’s all about "give me and I’ll give you back."
Love is all about "do me I do you." That is how love works. If only one side contributes to its well-being it won’t work out. It needs commitment for it to work out. As I mentioned in quote 8 (Love hurts because it’s expensive). If the sacrifice ad commitment only comes from one side I’m sure that love will hurt like hell.

We all know that if you love someone who won’t love you back it will always end up badly—that is why love hurts.

These are my own love quotes about why love hurts. All these quotes came from a real-life situation. I’m not poetic but some things seem so real to be ignored. The relationship that people involve themselves in portrays everything that I have said about love. There are so many reasons why love hurts but the number of quotes I have composed are few. If you are creative enough you can help me to come up with more quotes and I’ll make sure that your name is added somewhere in my blog.

That is an awesome offer, isn’t it?

Love is complicated. Relationships are way over that. Do you know the reason why I’m saying this? This is the situation. The moment you love someone so deeply, blindly and you are ready to do anything for her or him. You can even get to an extent of risking your life for them but the truth is that it might be the opposite of what the person you love feels like. I really don’t know why it happens like this. Why doesn’t it just work perfectly—the person I love to love me back the way I do.

Love hurts dude! It’s something you should know. That is why you should be very careful whenever handling it. Choose carefully who you choose to love and trust in your life. Besides, don’t blame those who remain to be single thought they have a chance to act on what they feel. They know vividly what it’s like to involve themselves in things that they can’t handle. Got any questions about these quotes “Why love hurts”?

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